Hollywood says iPad 3 will be 3D

Hollywood might have its fingers on the pulse of many things, and now they are even starting rumors about the Apple iPad 3, saying it is a shoe-in to have goggles free 3D.

What a 3D iPad might look like (image credit: maclife.com)Image credit: Maclife.com

It is RCR that is reporting that a Hollywood insider that is close to a major studio says that it she is sure the Apple iPad 3 will feature a 3D screen when it is released, and that Hollywood studios are working hard to make sure there is plenty of content available once the new iPad is released.

The rumor is even backed up by known Apple manufacturer Foxconn in Taiwan, well known for leaking information into the market, and who have already talked about Apple’s 3D plans to several industry sources.

It is hardly a suprise that Apple is looking into 3D for the iPad given that we are already starting to see Android tablets coming onto the market with 3D. What is most interesting about this might be the timing for a future release.

The rumor goes on to say that the iPad 3 is already in advanced planning stages, supporting earlier rumors that we might see another iPad already later this year. Perhaps Apple will make September the big iOS device upgrade month from now on.

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3 Responses to "Hollywood says iPad 3 will be 3D"

  1. jalen says:

    I would buy..it depends on whether the ipad can turn the 3D on and off somehow. because i dont want to be wearing googles in public with an ipad. (unless they make customized goggles that look like sunglass)
    And i think itd be real nice if apple adds a stylus pen to the ipad 3.

  2. DigiSquared says:

    I want the 3D to be glasses free but also to be able to turn it off as 3D might be cool for gaming and watching movies etc. but i would not want it when just surfing or using apps that are not optimized for it. I’m sure Apple will come up with a clever solution if they release 3D for the iPad 3.

  3. james braselton says:

    hi there i want ipad 3 be free of glaases no glasses 3d digisquared surfing internet is in 3D there are 10,000 3D websites i found soo far

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