Tottenham shirts talk to the iPhone and iPad – Spurs sign £50m high-tech shirt deal

English Premier League side Tottenham Hotspurs have signed a new shirt deal worth £50m with sportwear company Under Armour that will kit the team out with the latest high-tech football shirts that monitors the players performance during training and matches.

Under Armour E39 high tech shirts for tottenham hotspur

The Under Armour E39 shirts feature a sensor, otherwise known as a Bug, that monitors the players hear rate, breathing, and skin temperature, stores it on a hard drive, and then transfers the data over bluetooth, allowing coaches and trainers to view the players stats on their iPhone 4 or iPad 2.

Taking a page out of Apple’s own playbook, the shirt also features an accelerometer, measuring a players movements and the amount of G-force they are exposed to throughout the match. I wonder if it can also measure how much shirt-tugging is taking place and then send that data to the referee??

With a value of up to £50m the deal with Tottenham Hotspurs represent the largest deal Baltimore based Under Armour has made in Europe. You will be able to see the Tottenham players sporting the new jerseys from the 2012/13 season. The company also delivers the kits for the Welsh rugby team.

[source: Cnet]


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