High-end iPod and iPhone headphones – why some things are best kept to yourself

Most of us have at some points found ourselves on the receiving end of someone listening too loudly to their iPod or iPhone with standard, low-quality headphones, trying to block out the outside noise through increasing their own volume, thereby sharing their music preferences with everyone, whether good or bad. There is however a simple solution to this problem/annoyance – avoid becoming one by investing in a good set of quality headphones. Your fellow commuters and ears will thank you for it!

Now quality does come with a price tag, but it does not have to cost too much either. Besides if you are taking into account how often you use them, the listening experience, and the fact that you are not getting the best out of your iPod/iPhone, i would say it is an investment that over time will pay for itself.

We have had a look and listened to a few of the high-end headphones that we ourselves would not mind using on a daily basis, and price wise there might be a few bargains to be found as well.

Sennheiser IE 6 in-ear headphones

Sennheiser IE6 in-ear headphones

Sennheiser IE 6 with enhanced bass response are quality in everything from fit, comfort, and sound. Its dynamic drivers and powerful neodymium magnest deliver that high-fidelity bass filed sound that we all want from our headphones. The Sennheiser IE 6 are also designed for all purpose use as they come in a rugged housing and kevlar protected cable. The Sennheiser IE 6 in-ear headphones are available from Amazon UK for £91.50.

Monster Beats by Dr Dre Tour in-ear headphones

Monster Beats by Dr Dre Tour in-ear headphones

Monster Beats by Dr Dre Tour High Resolution headphones brings the combination of style and studio sound directly to your ears, making them the must have in-ear headphones for anyone that wants both high quality sound and who cares about the image they portray when walking through the streets or standing on the tube/train on their way to the 9-5 job. Monster Beats by Dr Dre Tour in-ear headphones available from Amazon UK for £105.

Monster Beats by Dr Dre Studio headphones

Monster Beats by Dr Dre Studio headphones

It is a shame to waste all those hours technicians and musicians have spent in the studio perfecting their sounds with a bad set of headphones that only portraits 10% of the sound experience – now that is a waste of money! These Studio headphones from Monster Beats by Dr Dre have his rap seal of approval, and the sound experience from this headset is truly great. A lot of time and effort has gone into developing this headset, from the sound clarity to the sound isolating design, and they have even thrown in an iPhone compatible mic and wire control.  The Monster Beats Studio comes with a price tag of £235 from Amazon UK, but it is quality all the way.

Sony MDR-NC500 headphones

Sony MDR NC500 headphones

According to Sony themselves the Sony MDR-NC500 are the worlds first digital noise cancelling headphones that blocks out 99% of surrounding sounds, and we can only take their word and user experience for it. The sound quality from these headphones are very good and it is interesting to hear how the sound profile changes based on your surroundings and what noises needs to be blocked out. A cool feature is also the ability to switch off the noice cancellation, allowing surrounding sound to be heard, always useful in case of alarms or public service announcements etc. The Sony MDR-NC500 is available from Amazon UK for £180 (reduced price).

For the circumstances when you really want to share the quality of sound and the music you are listening to, why not check out our review of some of the best iPod docking stations with speakers.


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One Response to "High-end iPod and iPhone headphones – why some things are best kept to yourself"

  1. Bent Dalager says:

    One of the best high-end iPhone headphones is B&O Earset 3 (see http://www.bang-olufsen.com/earset3). Not only does it have a unique look, an outstanding finish and quality (no cheap plastic), but it also has a very good sound. and microphone.

    On top of that you don’t have the problems that some of us have with in-ear headphones that either seem to be pressed into your ears or that falls out easily. The B&O Earset 3 never falls of (it is used by some of the cycle teams in Tour de France) and is very adjustable. The only downside is the price which is nornally close to $200 in US and even higher in Europe (about $300)
    Check them out before you decide on buying high-end headphones
    the-man-that-tried-many-iPhone headphones.

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