HiddenRadio is back for more Kickstarter success with HiddenRadio2

When it first arrived on Kickstarter, the HiddenRadio raised eyebrows with its Apple’esque design and functionality not seen in bluetooth portable speakers before, ending up blasting past their funding goal. Now the guys are back with the second generation, and the HiddenRadio2 only needed 4.5 hours to reach its funding goal this time around, much thanks to its advanced new features.

Hiddenradio2 with new functionality

Whilst the original HiddenRadio had a great design and some nifty control features, it fell just a bit short on audio performance compared to similarly priced competitors. From the description of the new HiddenRadio2 it looks like they have used the time after launching the original to deliver even more performance and functionality.

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Amongst the better new features of the second generation of the speaker is the inclusion of MultiPoint functionality, allowing you to wireless pair two of the speakers to one single audio source for a bigger sound, and true left/right stereo. This is a fairly new feature for bluetooth, only found in a handful of other systems, including the Damson Jet and the new beats by dre pill speakers. Other key new features for HiddenRadio2 includes touch based smart controls, allowing you to control the music by simply touching the surface of the speaker. With Magic Lift you don’t even have to twist the speaker to get going, simply tap the top or press play music on your smarpthone, and the lid on the speaker lifts itself up. They have also thrown in NFC for good measure, showing that they have listened to all the feedback from the first release.

But it’s not only the functionality that has received some upgrades, they also inform us that the inside of the speaker has been reinvented, featuring custom built neodymium speaker drivers that is said to deliver ‘best in class’ sound with clearer highs and more powerful lows. Having tested the original model, I look forward to giving this new and improved second generation HiddenRadio2 a test spin in the near future.

[Source: Kickstarter / HiddenRadio]

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