HiddenRadio – the bluetooth speaker that even Steve Jobs would be proud of

There is no place quite like Kickstarter for finding the next hot gadget or accessory, and the hottest one at the moment is the HiddenRadio Bluetooth Speaker, which at the moment has received close to $500k in pledges (almost 4 times the goal).

HiddenRadio bluetooth speaker - beautiful and functional design

HiddenRadio Bluetooth Speaker looks like something the designers at Apple could have brewed up, but instead it is the genius of John VDN and Vitor Santa Maria that are behind this concept bluetooth speaker, that is guaranteed to sell like hot-cakes if the sound lives up to the design once produced.

The simplicity of the HiddenRadio is as genius as its design. It is a bluetooth radio and speaker combo that is controlled by pulling the cap up to turn the speaker on, and push it down to turn it off. Controlling the volume is done by twisting the cap to the left or right, depending on whether you want to increase or decrease the volume. Those without bluetooth enabled media players can take advantage of the speakers 3.5mm line-in, or the built in AM/FM radio.

HiddenRadio is truly a portable speaker solution as well, with a rechargeable battery that promises up to 30 hours of playtime between charges. On their Kickstarter page they are confirming that the speaker has been tested at over 80dB, so it is powerful enough to fill a good size room/apartment with sound. In an update they are also confirming that the speaker now supports connectivity to multiple speakers, allowing you to pair the speakers up with each other for an even richer sound.

Given that the guys have already secured more than enough money to get the project in production, you can secure yourself one of the HiddenRadio Bluetooth Speakers by pledging $119 on their Kickstarter page. Consider it like a pre-order function.



[source: Kickstarter]


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