Hidden Nuance VoiceOver setting pages found in iOS 5

For the many that were disappointed that Steve Jobs and Apple did not present the integration of Nuance VoiceOver technology, a feature that was highly expected, at the WWDC 2011, there is still hope.

Nuance VoiceOver coming to iOS 5

Jailbreak expert Chronic, of Chronic Dev Team, has discovered hidden settings/menu pages in iOS 5 beta that clearly showcases an integration with Nuance VoiceOver. This goes a long way to confirm that Apple is working on delivering system wide voice integration for their iOS devices in collaboration with Nuance.

The fact that it is still a hidden feature could mean that Apple is still getting the finer details of the agreement right, or that it is still a feature in development and that it might not come with the first public release of iOS 5. There are also speculations that the feature will only be available for devices that is A5 powered, which at the moment is only the iPad 2, but by August/September might include the iPod Touch 5 and perhaps the iPhone 5.

[source: @Chronic via TIPB]


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