Happy 10 year birthday iPod! The start of the modern Apple adventure

23rd October 2001 was the day the modern Apple adventure started, when Steve Jobs (RIP) took the stage at Apple’s Cupertino Campus to present the first ever Apple iPod to the world, starting what would turn out to be a paradigm shift in how we consumer music and media. Happy birthday iPod!

Happy birthday iPod - 10 year anniversary

The iPod is probably known as the father of the portable digital music players, a device that when launched was only compatible with the Apple Mac, a device that only a small percentage of the world owned. Steve Jobs however had a masterplan when he presented the iPod as; “The biggest thing about the iPod is that it holds 1,000 songs. This is a quantum leap because for most people it’s their entire music library. This is huge. The coolest thing about the iPod is that your whole music library fits in your pocket.”

It was the concept of carrying your entire music library in your pocket that seemed to resonate so well with music lovers across the world. Combine that with great product design and user interface, Apple was onto a winner. Today the original iPod with its 5GB of storage would not come close to holding a persons entire music library, but back then it was revolutionary.The rest, as they say, is history.

In the 10 years that have passed since the launch of the original iPod we have seen it evolve in form, functionality, and models to where it is today in the form of the iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle and the iPod Classic.

Evolution of iPod

With the launch of iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad sales of the iPod line has slumped lately, raising questions about its future. But for now let’s celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the device that changed our music lives forever.

Below is a video of Steve Jobs introducing the iPod to the world + the first ever iPod commercial.


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