Han Solo Star Wars carbonite iPhone case – A Solo fan must have

There might be millions of iPhone protective cases out there that will protect your precious iPhone, but lets face it, an iPhone case is more about expression of your style than necessarily protecting your iPhone. This Star Wars Han Solo frozen in carbonite iPhone case is therefore classified as a must-have for Han Solo fans out there.

Han Solo Star Wars carbonite print iPhone case

Han Solo Groovin in Carbonite is a plain black skin protective case, with the exception of the high quality print of Han Solo frozen in Carbonite at the back, taken from ‘Empire Strikes Back’. It might look like it is carved in 3D, but it is actually a flat print. Still, it is done very nicely and should catch the interest of Star Wars and Han Solo fans out there.

It is available on Etsy from iCaseSeraSera in either black, white or clear sides. The image is printed on the back in high resolution onto an aluminum insert. The price is £11.44 or $17.99.

May the force be with you!

[source: Etsy via iMore]


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