Half-a-million apps on iTunes: Quality or just quantity

With the news that the iTunes App Store has surpassed half-a-million apps in its invenstory one has to raise the question; how much of it is actually useful for the user?

App Store milestone inforgraphic

Note that the number is apps that Apple have approved to go onto the app store and not necessarily how many apps are currently available as not all of them might have made it into the store yet.

It is a very impressive milestone for Apple to have achieved and it just shows what an industry it has become in the last 3 years since it was first launched. No wonder people talk about the ‘great app rush’ as it is not often a whole industry gets built in such a short time, a testament to the technological advances bridging distances and people together in a digital world.

With the half-a-million milestone passed it still keeps Apple well in the lead as the largest app store, with Android Market chasing them at around 300k apps.

Some other interesting tidbits from the infographic (see below) that was put together by 148apps and Chomp include:

  • Average price for a paid app is $3.64 with approx 36 percent of all apps being free
  • Angry Birds have held the number 1 spot for 275 days so far – no wonder they are minted now!
  • There are over 85k unique developers
  • The value of all the live apps comes up to a staggering $891,982

Having looked at the top20 list of apps that have spent the most days in position 1 it paints a picture of games and light entertainment apps being the topsellers. So if you are a developer out there and want to make the big bucks on big volume downloads, you know what you have to do.

With this amount of apps in the marketplace, finding your way to the apps that are worth your money becomes increasingly challenging and time consuming. Speaking from own experience, searching through the app store for that right app has become a bit like searching for the needle in the haystack.

Perhaps that is a sign that it is becoming increasingly important for app developers to market their app actively outside of the App Store itself as well, building their own brand in the more traditional channels so to speak, making it easier to stand out from the crowd.

Let us know what you think. Is the app store becoming too crowded with quantity of apps over quality of apps?

App Store half a million inforgraphic

[source: Wired]



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