Griffin Powerdock keeps the iPod family together

The Griffin Powerdock solves something that might be an issue for the iPod family by providing the ability to dock and charge multiple iPod’s at the same time. This could probably be a great iPod accessory for the iPod families out there.

The iPod is probably one of the most popular gadgets we have seen in the last few years, and there has been many generations and upgrades to the iPod, leading to many people owning more than one iPod, and especially you will find many iPod’s within a family. This is where the Griffin Powerdock comes into play, allowing you to dock and charge multiple iPod’s at the same time (available for 2 or 4 iPod’s).

Griffin Powerdock for iPod and iPhone

Griffin is a well known and trusted iPod accessories producer for years, and the introduction of the Griffin Powerdock could be a solution to solve family issues when it comes to charging your iPod. To be fair, for most families it is probably not a big issue, but for some it might be.

There are also many individuals these days that owns more than one iPod that they use for different purposes, and perhaps also an iPhone, which the Griffin Powerdock is also compatible with. Instead of getting charging cables for all of them, the Griffin Powerdock will allow you to charge them all, or at least 2 to 4 of them, at the same time.

The Griffin Powerdock is available from Amazon UK for £28.29 for the Griffin Powerdock with 2 charging stations, and £34.81 for the Griffin Powerdock with 4 charging stations.

You can find more information on more Griffin iPod accessories here.


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2 Responses to "Griffin Powerdock keeps the iPod family together"

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    The problem of having one charger for each device and a massive mess of cables in your home/office is over!!

    IDAPT products start at 39.99$ with 6 tips included.

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  2. Jaun Millalonco says:

    Excellent YouTube post ! thanks for sharing. I’ll be adding your blog to my reader.

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