Grado SR60i headphones

Those familiar with Grado a headphone brand might be thinking more in the high-end market targeting the more audiophile amongst us, but they also cater for the more budget-conscious amongst us, with amongst other the Grado SR60i headphones.

Grado SR60i over-head headphones

The experts over the WhatHiFi gave the Grado SR60i top marks and said that they would be the benchmark for every other headset at this price range, and the customers over at Amazon UK that have bought them seem to agree as well.

Grado SR60i headphones have a nice, slightly retro feel to them, with their soft vinyl headband and the earpieces connected with their metal height adjusters. The earpads are made with soft open cell foam, and they can be rotated 360-degrees for easy flat storage amongst other things.

It is the sound they produce that however has made them so popular, although it is reported that they don’t have much cancellation of either sound leaking out or coming in, so perhaps more of a headset for home use than for commuting use.

Price information

The Grado SR60i headphone is available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

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* Prices are as per 15th June 2011. This is not a hands-on review as we have not had a chance to test this unit yet. Information in this post as based on publicly available information about the system.


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