Google talk coming to iPhone and iPod Touch

One of the most talked about topics around the iPhone and the iPod Touch yesterday was the announcement that Google has adapted their Google Talk to work with the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Google talk in use on iPhoneThe news was first posted by one of Google’s own technicians on the GoogleMobile blog. Google Talk will not only allow you to send googlemail messages to your friends, colleagues or family, but also to chat live while on the move.

It is very simple, in the browser on your iPhone/iPod Touch you just go to the url google.com/talk, sign in and start chatting. The difference from running it on your computer is that it is entirely web based so you have to stay in the safari browser window. If you navigate away to another browser window or open another application it will change your status on Google Talk to ‘unavailable’ until you come back to your Google Talk browser window.

No doubt this is something that a lot of people will welcome.

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