Google Play Music official iOS app arrives

I have been waiting for this announcement for a while now, but finally Google has released an official Google Play Music app for iOS devices, so I can retire some of the otherwise decent but not good enough alternatives.

Google Play Music iOS App download

This new and free Google Play Music app means that you can now access all your Google cloud stored music, which if you have used all your free space, could mean that you have around 20,000 songs store in Google Play Music, now ready to be streamed to your iOS device. The app is optimised for iPhone 5, so at the moment there is no dedicated iPad version of the app.

Google have also included their All Access service to the new app, the paid for subscription service that allows you to listen to any song in their growing artist library. If you have not already signed up for the service, you can’t sign up through the app, instead having to go through the web to sign up for the service, and then come back to the app to refresh your account. Then you will get Radio and Explore as additional options in the App. As expected you can’t buy songs through Google Play Music either.

Google Play Music iOS App interface

You still get access to the same Listen Now, Playlist, and My Library options found on the Android app. More importantly you can also save specific, songs, artists, or playlists for offline listening.


If like me, you have a lot of your music on Google Play Music, but use Apple devices, then i’m sure you will agree that this app is highly welcomed. Now, let’s just hope that it performs as well as the Android sibling. I will be back with a hands-on update once had to chance to have a proper play around with it.

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