Google brings books to iPhone and iPod Touch

Google has just announced that it has made more than 1.5 million public domain books available for the iPod Touch and the iPhone through their books.google.com search functionality that can be used by mobile browsers, such as the iPhone/iPod Touch Safari.

In the US there are about 1.5 million books available in the Google Book Search, while outside the US there is over half a million books availble.

All you have to do is go to books.google.com where you can search for books by title, author, category, or browse through a large variety of categories to find the book that you are looking for.

Google uses advanced optical character recognition to extract text from the pages of a book and make it availble online for readers, just like reading normal web text from a website. According to Google’s own technicians this is a very complex and difficult technic as the standard of text and pages can vary a lot from book to book.

This comes on the back of news that Amazon is ready to launch an upgrade to their Kindle digital book reader, which has become the iPod of the online book world. Amazon has also announced that it is working on making the book titles availble on the Kindle available for other mobile platforms such as the iPhone and iPod Touch perhaps.


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  1. When I download a book to go on my iPod where will I find it in iTunes? I have an iPod Touch and I would like to know. Thank you so much.

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