Goodbye to the CD in the car?

According to an article in the USA Today we might be seeing the last signs of life for the cd car stereo systems. Like the eight-track and the cassette player before it, the compact disc now seems to be on the way out with car stereo manufacturers as well.

There are already many car stereo systems out there that includes connection for Apple ipod or other external MP3 players or digital media, like memory cards or USB sticks. Car stereo manufacturer Blaupunkt recently announced a second generation stereo system that includes AM/FM radio and connection for digital media, but ditches the cd player.

They say that the new systems are aimed at the growing population that now carries their music in their pocket and where the CD is a thing of the past. See some of the latest and most popular car stereo systems here.

The next step might be that you stream your music through a satelitte connection in the car, meaning you don’t have to even carry your ipod around with you.


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