The Gift of an App this Easter – Apple launches gift solution for Apps in latest iTunes

Giving an iTunes gift has always been easy when it came to music or video, and a great way to replace that late emergency chocolate or alcohol gift when you in reality had forgotten that you had to get a gift at all. With the explosive growth of the iTunes App Store Apple has now, finally many will say, made it possible to give the Gift of an App as well.

Gift This App - gift solution for apps in iTunesIn the latest version of iTunes Apple has added the ability to give an iPhone App as a gift to a friend, family, colleague, or whoever else you would like to share an App with, thereby also creating a new venue for improving some people’s barrier to downloading a paid for app, by allowing someone else to give them that gift in hope of getting them hooked into the improved quality of paid apps. Or at least that would be the main reason for Apple to launch this feature at least, as well as provding the users with an added feature.

For iPhone App developers this new feature brings a new way, or opportunity, to get more people to find, download, and use their app, and will be welcomed feature in their marketing of their apps.

So how does the new iPhone App Gift solution work? When you have downloaded the latest iTunes version and agreed to the new terms and conditions of the iTunes Store, you will be able to find the new “Gift This App” solution when visiting your favourite app in iTunes App Store, as shown in the image example of the Jamie Oliver 20 Minutes Meal App.

So if you are stuck for something to give as a birthday present or as en Easter gift, why not give your iPhone or iPod Touch friends the joy of your favourite app as a gift this year.


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  1. Rusty Conkle says:

    hey I like this post. I found it from doing a google search. Ive been looking for this sort of thing for a while. This info will come in handy to me. I will check back soon to search the rest of your blog. thanks

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