Geneva Sound Model S review

Geneva Sound Model S

On a recent trip to New York i had the pleasure of staying at a hotel that had the Geneva Lab Model S iPod speaker dock in the room, on the bedside table, giving me a chance to test out this smallest model of the Geneva Lab series of iPod speaker docks.

Design and features

The Geneva Sound Model S micro HiFi speaker dock is the smallest of the range, but it has got the same stylish look as its bigger siblings, making it a very stylish unit that fits in perfectly in any contemporary setting.

Geneva lab sound model s speaker dock

The size of the unit actually made it perfect for the bedside table, but would go equally well in the kitchen or perhaps in the study or office desk.

Geneva Lab Sound Model S also features the new Powerdock and Touchligh controls. The powerdock comes in handy in protecting the 30 pin connector by hidding it inside the unit itself when an iPod or iPhone is not docked with the unit. Touchlight controls are invisible until it detects hand motions close by, allowing you then to control a wide range of iPod and iPhone functions.

But this is not only an iPod dock, as it also features FM radio with digital tuner, and handy when used at the bedside table it has a clock with programmable alarms.

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The Geneva Lab Sound Model S is available in Red, White, and Black, and also comes with a table stand for those that want to have the unit slightly more elevated.

Sound experience

Don’t expect the same sound experience as from the big brother, the Geneva Sound Model L, as this unit is in a different price class.

At first though i have to say that i was expecting a bit more from the Model S as in my opinion the sound could do with a bit more punch and bass, especially at lower volumes. When playing at higher end of the volume range the sound did get better and more balanced, but compared to some of the larger competitors in the same price range it did not quite make the grade.

Price information

The Geneva Sound Model S speaker dock is available from amongst other the following UK retailers:


There is no doubt that the Geneva Lab Sound Model S speaker dock is among the better looking and better sounding units for its size, but unfortunately for that price you come to expect more as you could get a slightly larger and better sounding iPod speaker dock for the same price.

It is however difficult to beat when it comes to style and simplicity, so it is worth considering if you are after an expensive but stylish bedroom docking station with a better than average sound.

Geneval Lab Model S specifications

  • iPod Universal Dock for iPod and iPhone
  • FM radio with digital tuner with presets
  • High fidelity 2-channel sound with digital signal processor, bass enhancement and
  • EmbracingSound to enhance compressed audio
  • Powerful amplifier that is also award winning for energy efficiency
  • Clock with programmable alarm
  • Choice of color and table stand
  • width 23.5 cm, height 15.6 cm with no stand, 22.0cm with stand, depth 17.6cm.
  • It weighs 3.175 Kg.
  • Available in white, red or black
  • line in at the back


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