GEAR4 SoundOrb Review: Chameleon speaker dock

Gear4 SoundOrb

With the GEAR4 SoundOrb Aurora this renovned iPod docking station and speaker system producer has delivered a new system that brings the addition of a subwoofer that changes colors, both for that extra effect as well as for that deeper and more room filling sound.

In the vast market of iPod speaker docks and docking stations, where most are compact systems that is easy to take with you, GEAR4 has with the SoundOrb Aurora decided to go for the slightly more upscale home sound system market by adding a subwoofer to the solution for those that are looking for a higher quality sound with a deeper bass sound.

GEAR4 SoundOrb Aurora iPod docking station

Unlike most other subwoofer iPod speaker units, the GEAR4 SoundOrb is bringing some distinct design and functionality elements in the fact that the dome like subwoofer featuring a 5-inch woofer connects wireless to the rest of the unit, and when you turn on the music the white dome starts to light up in different colors as you listen to your music. This effect makes the GEAR4 SoundOrb a potential popular unit with both the younger generation as well as the disco generation.

The light effect in the subwoofer comes from LED lights that potentially could generate up to 16,000 different colours. The glow is visible in daylight, but you get the best effect when the lights are more dimed. You can also control the rate the light changes with a dial at the back of the unit.

The main dock itself on the GEAR4 SoundOrb is well shaped with the docking station itself at the top of the white unit. The cover for the front facing 2.5 inch speakers is of black mesh, and it features RCA connections, allowing you to also use the SoundOrb as a home theater system.

Given that the GEAR4 SoundOrb Aurora can also be used as home theater system they have added the ability to control the sound through 3 different settings; stereo, 3D, and wide. For listening to music you are best off leaving the setting at stereo.

The GEAR4 SoundOrb Aurora was in the beginning priced towards the mid-range market, but has since come down in price. The GEAR4 SoundOrb is a good system for its price range, although if you have another £100-£150 to put into the investment you can get a higher quality of sound from some of the other systems available.

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In the UK the GEAR4 SoundOrb Aurora is available from amongst other:


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