Gear4 GP07i in-ear headphones [review]

Gear4 GP07i in-ear headphones

Gear4 is probably amongst the best known iPod accessories brands out there, offering a wide range of iPod speaker docks, protective cases, and headphones, including these Gear4 GP07i in-ear headphones.

Gear4 GP07i in-ear headphonesGear4 describes their GP07i in-ear headphones as being lightweight, comfortable, and provide a good listening experience, including active noise cancellation technology. When it comes to being lightweight and provide a comfortable fit, I agree with the description. The headphones themselves look a bit big at first look, but I found them to fit comfortably in my ears using the mid-size replaceable earbuds (comes in 3 different sizes). When it comes to looks and build quality, my overall impression is that they look and feel a bit “plastic”. Their price point is of course towards the lower end of what i would call decent in-ear headphones, so understandably they will not have the same high-quality material as in-ear headphones in the up to £100 price range. The material does however make them feel very light, and the in-line controller and mic works well and is easy to control.

As for audio performance, I have had a chance to test these in-ear headphones over the last week, giving them some serious play time across a wide variety of music genres. They have gone through some old school Tribe Called Quest, the jazzy sounds of Esperanza Spalding, more modern rock, as well as the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, The Script and more. Overall I would describe their audio performance on par with what i was expecting from headphones at this price. Best thing is probably to compare them with the classic white earbuds that comes with Apple devices, and while the Gear4 GP07i provide a better fit and noise cancellation, the overall audio performance feels a bit flat. They definitely perform better with straight up pop songs compared to some of the ones mentioned above. The noise cancellation works fairly well in blocking out unwanted sounds, such as trains and busses.

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  1. Yuonne Inglin says:

    Just want to say thanks to everyone for all their hard work on this project!

  2. ash says:

    the problem is, you are comparing the sound to compressed songs on an ipod. It doesnt matter whether you pay £10 or £100, the files are so compressed on the ipod, the sounds aren’t going to be exactly great. This is why Dre Beats are meant for recording and not ipods.

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