Games as an accessory platform: The Angry Birds Case

Additional product being launched on the back of a movie or a game is nothing new, but for the first time (at least for me) we are seeing a hugely successful game for iOS devices using their gaming success as a platform for bringing out themed accessories – Meet the new Angry Birds iPhone case from Gear4.

With over 50 million downloads the Angry Birds application is a true success story for this new gaming platform based around the iOS devices; iPod Touch, iPhone, and Apple iPad. There is no doubt that the developers have hit a jackpot with this simple yet entertaining, and very addictive, game where you sling birds at constructions to destroy pigs.

Personally I believe the success of the game lies in its simplicity, catering for a wide market appeal, a low price point, and how extendable it is in terms of adding more layers and new themes, such as with the Christmas version of the game.

It is amazing what a platform of that many users can create of additional revenue opportunities, like we are seeing now with the launch of the Gear4 Angry Birds themed iPhone protective cases.

Gear4 launches Angrybirds iPhone cases

The iPhone and iPod Touch accessory market is a massive one worldwide and Gear4 is among the better known producers of a wide range of accessories, including cases and iPod speaker docks. Their release of Angry Birds themed cases for the iPhone and iPod Touch is likely to be a popular addition to the accessory market, and I believe just one of many to come where game and app developers will be trying to leverage the revenue potential from extending the reach of their millions of followers.

In the UK you can buy the Angry Birds iPhone cases from amongst other HMV online at £15.


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