Gear4 AlarmDock Halo 2 [review]

Gear4 AlarmDock Halo 2 bedroom alarm speaker dock

Hands up (or like / tweet) everyone who usually charges their iPhone or iPod while asleep and uses the alarm on the device to wake up in the morning. Many of you might have just use the charging cable, but your device deserves and could do better, with for example the Gear4 AlarmDock Halo 2.

Gear4 AlarmDock Halo 2 bedroom alarm speaker dock

The bedroom alarmdock market is filled with options, but amongst those that I have tested, the Gear4 AlarmDock Halo 2 features amongst the better ones, both in style and performance. Gear4 has done a good job with improving this second generation of their popular AlarmDock. The design is compact and stylish, and would not look out of place regardless of bedroom interior design in my opinion. LCD screen showing the time and other information has been improved, and I like that it is clear without giving off too much light. Nothing worse than having a device that lights up the room when you are trying to sleep. For those of us that likes to hit the snooze button, it is located on the top of the dock, just above the LCD screen, so fairly easy to find. Just be careful so you don’t knock the whole thing down when trying to hit the snooze button all groggy in the morning.

With the associated Smartlink App you get access to additional features, including animated weather information and auto-sync of time and alarms, which is a good feature as you probably already have alarms set up. Brightness on the screen of your iOS device is controlled using screen swiping, and it is automatically reflected in the brightness of the LCD display on the AlarmDock as well.

While it is great to have associated apps that gives you further control of the AlarmDock, you are not likely to get it just because of the app. If you are like me, what matters is the design, build quality, and even for a bedroom dock, the sound. I have already explained that i’m quite happy with the design and build, so all that is left is the sound. I very rarely have great expectations when it comes to audio performance from bedroom alarm docks, as mostly they are not made, or need to have, a great audio performance. Especially not when it comes to volume and performance at the higher end. The Gear4 AlarmDock Halo 2 is no exception, but that said, the audio performance is not bad either. At normal listening volume the vocals are clear, but it struggles with songs that are bass heavy, as expected.

Overall the Gear4 AlarmDock Halo 2 is a good option if you are after a relatively affordable alarm dock for your bedroom that also have access to more advanced features, and at the same time looks good. Don’t expect it to rock the room with audio performance, but for its purpose it does the trick just fine.

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