Gear 4 joins Lightning speaker dock market with StreetParty 5

Gear 4 Streetparty 5 with lightning dock

As one of the leaders in the speaker dock market Gear 4 has announced their first speaker dock for the new Apple Lightning connector in the StreetParty 5, a small and portable Lightning speaker dock with an easy-on-the-pocket price point.

Gear 4 Streetparty 5 with lightning dock

While a few of the main brands in the speaker dock market has announced the arrival of Lightning Connector compatible speaker docks, they are still few and far between in the market considering that millions of iPhone 5 / iPad Mini / iPad 4 / iPod Touch 5’s Apple has sold over recent months, all featuring the new Lightning Connector which needs an adapter to work with the older 30-pin speaker docks.

With the StreetParty 5 Gear 4 is sticking to what they seem to do best, deliver affordable speaker docks to the masses. The speaker dock is fairly small in size, the dock can be folded up to save space for portability, it can run 4xAA batteries, and the price tag is a low £50, taking it into the budget end of the speaker dock market. Like most standard speaker docks it will dock your Lightning Connector device (not sure about docking iPads with it), charge them, and allow you to listen to all the music/audio on your iDevice.

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[Source: Gear 4 via WhatHiFi]


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