Gadgeo GX-20 in-ear headphones review

Gadgeo GX-20 earphones

Gadgeo is a new UK player in the headphone market and with their GX-20 in-ear headphones they are aiming for the budget end of the market, but hoping to infuse it with some quality headphones.

Gadgeo GX-20 earphones

Product overview

Straight out of the box, and they come nicely wrapped, the GX-20 earphones look like fairly standard earphones at that price range. They’ve got a metallic style finish to the acorn shaped earpieces, and comes with 3 different sized tips for customised comfort. Where the GX-20 have a clear feel of punching above their price range is in the braided cable and the gold platted 3.5mm audio jack. There’s also a standard on cable remote that is small and responsive.

Inside the GX-20 earphones feature 10mm neodymium drivers with an Output Sound Pressure of 103 dB, and Frequency response range of 20Hz ~ 20KHz.


The sub £20 price range of earphones is a difficult market as to keep the cost down you often find that manufacturers have to downscale on either build quality or sound. Not to mention that once you go up another £10 on the budget you hit a market with some great alternatives, including from Sennheiser, House of Marley, and not to mention the highly popular SoundMagic E10.

Gadgeo has done a good job with the GX-20 in delivering what feels like good build quality, including the braided cable. The lightweight feel makes for a comfortable fit in the ear as well.

Having used the GX-20 for a couple of weeks now, including on commutes, noisy trains, as well as at home, they have their strenghts and weaknesses. Comfort and fit is a plus, and i’ve not had any issues with distortion at high volumes or cable interference. Although the GX-20 states to have silicon tips that provide good natural noise isolation, I found them expecially noisy when out and about around traffic and trains etc. especially compared with before mentioned earphones that sits just above in price range.

Overall sound is on par with similar priced earphones i’ve tried over the years. I found them to perform especially well on more acoustic style tracks, providing clear vocals and decent definition. They struggled more with more complex rock tracks and hip hop for example, where personally I found the bass to fall a bit flat, and overall they lacked the required punch and balance found once you increase your budget with £10-£15.


  • Good build quality
  • Braided cable
  • Comfortable fit
  • No noticeable distortion
  • Decent feature set for earphones this price range


  • Sound lacks a bit punch and balance, especially compared to competitors priced just above
  • Somewhat lacking in their natural noise isolation


In their price bracket, the Gadgeo GX-20 are a good option to consider should you be limited to max £20 budget. They provide good quality build and comfort, but overall the sound could be a bit more dynamic and balanced.

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