Funny iPhone 5 video on Conan O’Brien supports Apple marketing machine

Most Apple fans will already have seen this video over the weekend, but i thought i would post it again anyway A) because it is funny, and B) because it is another example of how well oiled the Apple marketing machine is.

Conan O'Brien spoof iPhone 5 video

Following on from the now famous, and largely ridiculed, story about the iPhone 5 prototype left at a San Francisco tequila bar, and alleged police/Apple raids of peoples homes in an attempt to retrieve the yet-to-surface device, funny man on TPS Conan O’Brien could not help to take the piss with his: “You have no idea who you are messing with” video.

The spoof video takes Apples’ hunt for lost devices to the extreme with suggestions of torture and injection of a digital form of the ebola virus through a persons eye.

Besides being funny, and likely not a video that Apple would directly approve of, it does fit right into the viral marketing machine that Apple has become. Whilst other companies have to spend large amounts of money to generate buzz around their product and get the type of attention Apple products are getting. All Apple has to do is let the media (including me) and loyal fan base take care of it for them, making no statement to either deny or acknowledge a rumor, thereby just fueling the discussions and speculations even further. Very rarely are the stories of a nature that hurts Apples’ strong brand position, instead they fuel the consumer desire for their ‘secret’ products and upgrades.

As for the iPhone 5, we should know in about a month or so, according to the rumors.


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