FSL Zero bluetooth headphones from Future Sound Lab [review]

FSL Zero bluetooth headphones

While wired headphones are still dominating the market, the interest and availability of wireless bluetooth headphones is improving. British Future Sound Lab is one the companies hoping to take a chunk out of the headphone market with their affordable bluetooth headphone FSL Zero.

FSL Zero bluetooth headphones

Design wise the FSL Zero is not exactly a match for the Beats by Dre or SOL headphones of this world, falling more into the camp of Sennheiser and Sony when it comes to look and feel, which is not a bad place to be either. The build quality feels good, they are lightweight, and quite comfortable on the ears, although with prolonged use i did find that my ears got a bit sweaty under the earcups.

Pairing up the headphones with the iPhone and other bluetooth audio sources was fairly straight forward, after a quick read of the manual. All the buttons required for control, such as pausing, skipping tracks, and volume control can all be found on the two earcups. The headphones also have built in mic, and testing for hands-free calling went without any major issues as the other person could hear me without any problems.

One issue that i did experience with the headphones was disruptions in signal while walking with my paired iPhone in my pocket listening to music, which was a bit annoying. However, this was the only time that i really did experience connection issues.

With the FSL Zero bluetooth headphones the company claims to be able to deliver ‘high-definition sound’ as you would normally only find in wired headphones, using their advanced dual-damped sound balancing technology. As far as the sound being equal to some wired headphones in the same price range, that might be stretching it a bit far, but they sound better than I first expected from a bluetooth headphone at this price. Vocals are clear, but the bass and treble does not feel as clear as you would get on some comparable wired headphones.

Overall the FSL Zero are among the better performing bluetooth headphones I have tried to date. The audio performance is pretty good, build quality is good, and they are comfortable and easy to operate.

Price & availability

The FSL Zero bluetooth headphone is available at iHeadphone for £60.


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