For your eyes only – Myvu crystal video eyewear for iPod

The Myvu crystal video eyewear for iPod might not look very stylish, but if you want to watch your iPod videos in private then it is a great invention.

In our view this is a love and hate product. One could argue that the iPod has made people less sociable as we stand on the tube, bus, or walk around listening to music in our own little world ignoring most people and events around us. The Myvu video eyewear takes that a bit further as you now no longer have to look into the armpit of the person next to you on the tube.

Myvu Crystal video eyewear for ipodThe Myvu crystal eyewear has brought video eyewear into a possible more mainstream use where you do not have to worry about eyestrain and headaches from wearing them as they are based on high level optical technology used in medicine and the military. The optics of the glasses also allows you to see your surroundings as well as a clear picture of the video you are watching. Don’t ask me how, but it can!

The resolution is 640×480 pixels VGA which unfortunately does not give you a widescreen view, but instead an old fashioned 4:3 view. The quality however is reported to be quite impressive though.

We hope that we won’t see too many people wearing these on their morning commute though, but for a laung haul flight or sitting on a train for a few hours these will do just fine, even if you might feel slightly like someone out of Star Trek.


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  1. Giftex Blog says:

    Myvu is a perfect gift for those who travel very frequently.

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