FlipSide: Game Controller and Protective Case in one

Solar Flipside game controller iOS

Imagine having a protective case that doubles as a gaming controller. That’s what the FlipSide offers. It’s an iPhone case that works as a protective gear and game controller to your device. The dual purpose e-case comes with AB buttons just like in the arcade and console. Since various studies have proved that games are the most popularly used mobile apps today, this type of accessory will be a hit.

The gear was originally scheduled for release last year. Unfortunately, the plan was aborted due to the lack of iOS 6 support and insufficient funds. But this time, it will be given a second release with Apple integrating game pad support for the iOS 7. Is this the start of a more interactive gaming experience?

When the controller case goes worldwide, it will be a real deal-maker for iPhone fans as well as mobile gamers. Verizon, a mobile network company, published an article regarding an ultimate mobile gaming experience. According to the article, gamers should be investing on smartphones that can deliver a “superior audio and visual experience”. We sure hope to see the Flipside being in partnership with mobile companies soon.


This case allows your device to connect wirelessly with other gaming platforms such as the PC, Mac, iPad, Android and the new Ouya console. It works using the Bluetooth 4.0 technology allowing wireless gaming experience on a bigger screen.

However, this doesn’t imply that you can play your mobile games on the TV screen. You can only make use of your iPhone with Flipside as an extra controller for your console boxes. Although it works wirelessly, according to their official video, the controller will have a 16 times quicker response time that other joystick on the market.

One good thing about it is that it’s eco-friendly. It relies on solar power only, but your phone will still need charging. There is no need for a physical Lightning cable to link and charge. To compliment the eco-friendly battery life, a sensitive solar cell has been added to keep it powered up even when you’re indoors.

According to FlipSide designer Justice Frangipane, the solar-powered case is engineered to last for 10 years, making it a durable companion for your gizmo.

True game changer

The peripheral’s support for the iOS 7 is a game-changer for most controller manufacturers. But Frangipane declared that it’s too early to start competing with other companies. He added that there’s plenty of room for opportunity once the iOS 7 becomes available later this year.

Although the case will be available by March 2014, it is now ready for pre-order starting at $60 from the Indiegogo backers. This only means one thing –that this hardware is fuelled to lead the first wave of its kind.

Indeed, the FlipSide case is one to keep an eye on, especially for mobile app gamers out there. Various notable tech websites are waiting for its official release including TechCrunch, Engadget, TechRadar, CNet, and Ubergizmo. Can this change your gaming perspective? Will mobile joysticks turn the console gaming obsolete? We love hearing from other gamers out there. Leave us a comment below.

Nadia Hyeong is a freelancer with a passion for gadgets, photography and games. She enjoys playing games during her free time. Feel free to follow her on Twitter and Google+.
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