Even more iPhone rumors: Apple cleaning market for flash memory

While the release of a new or upgraded iPod tends to happen in the later half of the year, often around September time, Apple has tended to go for a mid year cycle for the iPhone, with the original iPhone celebrating 2 year anniversary in June this year and the 3G iPhone turning 1 in July. The latest rumor hinting at new or upgraded iPhone this summer concerns Apple rumored to buy large quantities of flash memory from Samsung, one of the worlds leading flash memory producers (Source: Appleinsider).

Apple buying large quanities of flash memory is not that unusual, but it usually happens in combination with the launch of new or upgraded models of either the iPod or the iPhone, and it fits in with earlier rumors of a 32gb iPhone for example. The timing could be right with mid year only being a few months away, so fingers crossed that all these rumors are real and will indeed results in a new or upgraded iPhone.

Some of the other rumors pointing towards a new generation iPhone are as follows:

Video conferencing for iPhone – An Apple patent might have revealed that Apple will be looking to add a forward facing camera and video conferencing capabillity to the next generation iPhones.

iPhone with removable battery – More Apple patent digging combined with new EU directives might lead to Apple having to introduce easily removable and replaceable batteries for the iPhone.

Increasing number of iPhone concepts and leaked photos of next generation iPhone – there will always be people that wish to display their design talents by creating new concepts for the iPhone, and some of them are really nice, but we put more trust into possible spy photos of new generation iPhone.


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  1. james braselton says:

    hi there you are right lets see how much stuff apple products use flash memory lets see ipod shuffel ipod nano ipod touch the new ipad and you can get a 128 or 256 gb ssd flash drive for macbook pros lets see at the rate apple buying flash nothing will use a hard drive in apples long term future thats around 2020 or 2050 buy buy too hard drives

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