Flash coming to iPhone – but not in the traditional way

Flash for the iPhone has been one of the most discussed topics since the iPhone first came out, and one of its biggest criticisms has been the lack of flash support on the iPhone. In a recent announcement from Adobe, it looks like Flash might soon become available on the iPhone, although not in the traditional way.

flash for iPhoneWhat we are talking about here is the opportunity for Flash developers and programmers to convert their flash applications into native iPhone applications that can be downloaded through the iTunes App Store just like any other iPhone app. The traditional flash browser plug-in will still not be supported for various reasons we have discussed in earlier flash on iPhone posts, but this move is at least one step in the right direction, especially for flash developers around the globe.

The opportunity to convert Flash applications to iPhone apps is only available in the new Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Developers  tool that is currently in beta testing, and it requires that the flash software is written in actionscript 2, and not the current actionscript 2 version. Still it open up new opportunities for flash developers that are not too keen on learning yet another programming language to write iPhone apps.

Due to the restrictions from Apple in allowing runtime interpreted codes, which has stopped Adobe from delivering flash player for the iPhone to date, developers can not use video within the flash iPhone apps that they produce.

Adobe’s goal though is still to convince Apple to allow the integration of flash into the iPhones Safari browser, but we might just have to wait a bit longer for that. The new Flash player 10.1 which is currently to be released in beta and expected to launch in early 2010, will be adobted by most other smarphones in the market, including Google Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Nokia Symbian.

We will continue to cover the developments in bringing flash to the iPhone.


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3 Responses to "Flash coming to iPhone – but not in the traditional way"

  1. Bodyc says:

    Super post, Need to mark it on Digg

  2. Mel says:

    Will they ever get flash for touch 32gig

  3. Jdawg says:

    just one mistake in the article;

    “it requires that the flash software is written in actionscript 2″

    it actually requires the flash to be written in AS3.

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