How to fix problem with “other files” eating up iPhone storage

Last night as i was syncing my 32gb iPhone 3GS i noticed the issue of “other files” taking up almost half the memory on the iPhone, without any information or clue as to why that all of a sudden happened.

First thing i did was think through if there were any files i had added to the iPhone or any apps installed that would hog the memory in such a way, but could  not think of anything. So i started searching on Google to see if anyone else have had the same problem with “other files” eating up iPhone memory, and there seemed to be quite a lot of people out there experiencing the same issue, but a lack of clear explanations as how you can fix it.

A lot 0f the people who has experienced this issue had chosen to do a complete restore of the iPhone, a task that depending on the iPhone model you have could take +5 hours and a lot of headache. Then i came across a post from TiPb.com on resetting iPhone when “other files” take up memory and how they had done a complete restore, but in the comments, and there were lots of them, some of the readers suggested alternative ways to do it that seemed easier and less time heavy.

I used the method suggested and it worked out really well for me, and saved me a lot of time, so i decided to share the step-by-step guide on how to remove and fix the problem with “other files” taking over your iPhone memory.

Here are the steps that worked brilliantly for me:

Step 1: Turn of sync music in iTunes

When you have synced your iPhone and noticed that “other files” have taken up a lot of storage space on the iPhone, un-tick the “sync music” alternative in iTunes before un-connecting your iPhone.

Step 2: Install DiskAid software on computer/mac

DiskAid is a neat little software that allows you transfer files to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, treating it as a USB drive. They offer a free trial of the software so no need to purchase it first time you have to use it at least.

Make sure your iPhone is connected with the USB when you open up DiskAid. When the program is running, at the bottom left corner it says “DiskAid folder”, click on the drop down list and choose “media folders”.

Step 3: Go into iTunes Control folder and then the Music folder

In DiskAid you will see an overview of all the folders and files on your iPhone. Go to the iTunes Control Folder and then the subfolder called Music. Under the Music folder you will likely see a lot of subfolders starting with “f”.

Step 4: Delete/remove all subfolders in Music

Delete all the subfolders under the Music folder. They include the files that are hogging your iPhone memory under “other files”.

Step 5: Open iTunes and sync your iPhone

With “music sync” still turned off in iTunes, sync your iPhone. This will remove all music files from your iPhone, but keep all other content. Don’t worry about this though, as in the next steps you will sync the music back onto your iPhone.

Step 6: Unplug iPhone and reboot it

Once the iPhone has finished syncing, unplug it and perform a reboot. The reboot is done by holding down the “power down” button at the top right at the same times as holding down the control button. Hold both of them until the iPhone has switched off and the Apple logo appears on the screen before releasing both buttons. This action will reboot your iPhone.

Step 7: Reconnect your iPhone to iTunes and recheck “sync music”

This will put your music back onto the iPhone, and you should not see any of the “other files” taking up any of the iPhone memory. Once the sync is complete your iPhone should be all sorted again.

If you still see “other files” taking up memory on your iPhone you have likely done something wrong or left out subfolders in step 4.

Hope you find this guide as useful as our guide on unfreezing and restoring iPhone and iPod Touch.


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218 Responses to "How to fix problem with “other files” eating up iPhone storage"

  1. Paul Kielty says:

    Thank you so much, I have my iphone back!!!

    • Lachi3 says:

      Didn’t work

    • Kschatz says:

      Am I able to do this with an Ipad 2?

    • Fred Nguyen says:

      I had 6.5GB of “other” disk storage problem on iphone5… leaving me only 0.5GB left. It’s time to act.. not to panic :-)

      Today, downloaded the Diskaid for PC as you said. Then browsed to the File System/Media/Recordings

      This folder contains a lot of voice memos, a total of 6.5GB !!!

      I never recorded 6.54GB of voice. This is the problem of synching your voice memos, and for some reason iTunes keeps duplicating all the voice memos whenever you synch. This problem explodes exponentially…

      So went into that folder, and deleted all of the voice memos. These were just trash, and jibberish recordings my kids recorded on my iphone over the years.

      … and bingo, freed at last 6.5GB gone.

      Thanks again,
      fred nguyen

    • Jimmy Walt says:

      Here is another way to do that by removing these other files on your iphone


  2. Stixsloan says:

    Thank you – Thank you… this worked as you describe and was painless following the simple steps. well worth the $10 bucks you pay for the program for permanent use. Again, Thanks!

    • Rob says:

      Iphone 4s on OS6 not new problem os7, and mac on 10.5 there is no supported version of disk aid. I put FileApp in my phone, but it doesn’t show any files in any list. OTHER is by far taking more memory than anything in my phone. I would like to see the files in Other. Haven’t been able to do that.

  3. Irving says:

    Dear friend,
    You really helped me with your excellent instructions. I reclaimed 22 gbyte from my jail broken iphone. There is still 1.16Gbyte in “other’ Do you have any idea how I can reclaim this disk space?
    Thank you for your help

  4. Hamdi says:

    Now I have all my memory back! :D

    You’re Great man !

  5. iPhone 3gr says:

    Hi everyone !

    I followed this tutorial step by step and everything looked ok,
    the 2gigs of ‘other’ data were cleaned up.
    But When I connected my iPhone for a second time on iTunes
    I had again the 2gigs of other data.

    Now I solved the problem by deleteing the installer files on installous (I have an jailbroken iPhone 3g 8gb IOS4.0)

    If this doesn’t work you can also delete the files in the folder “Artwork” with DiskAid


  6. Seasons says:

    Best you could edit the post name title Fixing “other files” eating up iPhone 3GS storage | iPod Republic to something more better for your webpage you create. I enjoyed the blog post withal.

  7. NHKC says:

    Works, you RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long Live iPod Republic!!!!!!

  8. admin says:

    Great to hear that our guide was helpful

  9. xmacar says:

    Your step by step instructions were great!! Checked out other websites but yours was clear and easy to follow and fortunately helped me solve my problem. Actually, what was filling up my “other” folder apparently was a movie I’d rented from itunes. And in the process I acquired Diskaid – it’s the greatest!! Easy to understand and use. Apple should include a program like Diskaid as part of their package – would sure make life easier for us!

  10. denny says:

    It’s work…..
    thanks a lot

  11. denny says:

    i can use other application which is free, try find iphone explorer… it’s work….

  12. Pixel says:

    It works! But very strangely my podcasts cannot play after they got back on the iPhone. I unchecked “sync podcasts” and synced the iPhone. After that I checked “sync podcasts” and synced the iPhone once again. Now it seems to work fine. Strangely enough, the “other” has completely disappeared!

  13. Barry says:

    Excellent instructions and it worked perfectly- I have reclaimed 4GB of “other” space and Other is now only 0.32GB. THANK YOU!

  14. Pixel says:

    For me the problem occurs when I sync the iPhone and get a message that “there’s not enough room on the iPhone”. After that, the “other” will “grow” again, getting worse and worse untill I follow the instructions on this page again.

  15. Chris B says:

    I tried this, but with no luck. When I sync after deleting all the F folders, the Other space shrinks to .37Gb for a little while which is great, but then as the sync finishes it jumps back up to 1.07Gb. I have a 16Gb 3GS so, I want that lost 1Gb in Other.

    I started the next sync adding the music files back, but after 8 hours or so and still seeing the 1.07Gb in Other. I stopped it. Tried it all again, and same result. Am I being too impatient, and will that extra Other space be gone if I wait for all the music to be reloaded to the phone? Or is the Other space being used by something other than the files under the Music folder?


  16. Ahm says:

    it doesnt work for me….
    still 3,5G in others >_____<

  17. TS says:

    Worked like a champ. exactly as advertised. Took less than 10 minutes!

  18. Honest Abe says:

    Works Like a charm you rock !!!

    My problem was Video though but they are stored in same area so I needed unsync music and video

  19. Jasper says:

    Hi all,

    thanx for the great suggestions in this post.

    To build on what was said… I found that removing the Music folder and resyncing took part of the problem away, but I still remained with another 3GB (out if 16 of the iphone 4).

    In DiskAid, if you go to Media Folder, you can right click on a folder and press “get info”.
    Now I suddenly say the 3GB and by going deeper into the structure I found the 2,78GB sitting in ApplicationArchives. But the basic message is: use the GET INFO button on a directory to find out where the space is hiding. You have to decide for yourself what you can and cannot delete of course.
    I deleted something called Navigon which is an app that I never fully installed.


    • sevin says:

      For people that are not hoarding music…
      I had 5 MB hidden in a file that I found with Diskaid.

      File System > Media > Photo Data
      Then RIGHT CLICK > Get Info

      THAT is where I found ONE file that was 5MB by itself from 6 months ago.

      Thanks Jasper!!

    • rollerman says:

      THX a lot!
      foud 9gb in cache

  20. Erick says:

    Didnt work for me
    I searched my files using Diskaid and cannot find any files large enough to reflect the 4gigs in the “other”.

  21. Pixel says:

    to Erick: It’s a lot of files so you need to follow the instructions above. Try it exactly as described and I’m sure it will work..

  22. Rob says:

    After doing this process to my 3GS on iOS 4.2.1 my “other” files completely went away.
    Now, when I hook up my phone to my computer it says I have 20gb free when in reality I only have 12 or so.
    Is this normal?
    My phone seems to be operating normally (knocks on wood) but it just doesn’t have “other” files at all.

  23. Brie says:


    I did everything but when I hooked it up the next day the other files came back. What happened? I followed every step exactly

  24. Brie says:

    *to add on what I said

    all of the F folders came back… idk

  25. Pixel says:

    The problem can be related to video. If you sync the iPhone and there’s too little disk space and you get the “iPhone cannot sync because of disk space bla bla”. After that you suddenly see the “other” growing with every sync.

  26. Brie says:

    Basically I delete all of the F files under the music folder and then my other disappears. Then I put all my music back on and the other just comes back to what it was before.

  27. Deb says:

    Worked great! Thanks!

  28. Danny says:

    Ok, so I did All the steps in order like so many times and every time I delete All the music folders starting with F they keep cing back as if I didn’t delete them. I’ve done All the steps, deleted the folders several times, restarted my iPhone many times and yet I still have 2.5 GB hogging my phone. Please help, I’m getting desperate and very stressed out as I really really need those GB’s.

  29. Danny says:

    Ugh!! Like everytime I disconnect and then reconnect my iPhone the folders just keep coming back DX Dammit

    • Kayla says:

      I had the exact same problem: I kept doing it over and over and it still didn’t work. Then, one time i tried it but then also went in and deleted the files in “recordings” and then all of the “other” went away. However, after that, only 63 of my 300-some songs would sync! Every time I click to sync all or sync selected, it will only do that same set of songs. Also, the “other” keeps coming back, but smaller (probably because less songs are being synced). How do I add songs back onto my iphone? i tried restarting the device and the computer.. And how do i keep the “other” from continually coming back?

  30. TH says:

    Yea same thing has happened to me. I have tried several times the DiskAid and iPhone explorer programs. Followed the instructions perfectly and the “other” file hasn’t budged. I have a iPhone 3GS NOT jailbroken. All the music is off now (which is ok because I can simply re-load the music from my iTunes library. Could it be an app using the “other” file? Could emails be part of the “other” file? The F files show back up in the Music folder, but they are all empty so I guess that’s fine. Anyone else have a solution? Anyone else have ideas? Thanks.

  31. Pixel says:

    I have a new suggestion:

    I just started using an iphone app called downcastapp at downcastapp.com
    It’s really really good, you can refresh and download podcasts on the iphone without the need for syncing with iTunes (you can even download with 3G if you permit it to). It can be set to automatically delete played podcasts if you like. Furthermore, the problem with the “other” file growing bigger HAS DISAPPEARED!

    And – no – I’m not in any way affilliated with the downcastapp developer :-)

  32. Kalli says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Worked like a charm. Thank you! :)

  33. flashpoint says:

    thanks a lot !
    this reduced 0.43 GB of other files to 0.18 GB

  34. Sancho says:

    Thank you sooooo much ur awsome!!!!!!! 1.5gb to 0.5gb :D

  35. Antu says:

    Thank you so much! I performed the diskaid clean-up on my iphone 4 and it worked brilliantly! After performing a clear of cache, browsing history, and cookies under settings then safari, then performed disk aid clean up and i went from a total of 8 gigs of ‘other’ to 0.0 gigs of ‘other’!!! :-D

  36. Burger says:

    I’ve done this multiple times before (at least 5) and it’s worked flawlessly every time. Today the “other” space was back as 2 GB so i tried this and it didn’t work. I have tried it 6 times again and it is still failing to yield results. I don’t know what’s wrong

  37. GavinB says:

    Hi to all, i was really hoping that this would work. I have 7.9gb of space being taken up by this annoying “Other” file. Like many i have done the porcedure 2 or 3 times and yet with no luck. I repeat what many have said, once the “F” files deleted and once i’ve rebooted they just reappear. If anyone has a solution to help me get through this then it would be much obliged. I have an iphone 4 Jailbroken.

  38. mars says:

    Found a large file under application archive; this was possibly left during last failed syc.

    Got 2.6 G back now.

    Thank you.

  39. Sy says:

    Verry helpfull information.

  40. adsrivera says:


  41. macintoad says:

    Cheers Bro, Gave me 3.2Gb back on my iPhone 4

    Thank You !!

  42. ScarAce1989 says:

    Got 2.3Gb other files. I only used DiskAid to go to the location you said and deleted all the subfolders (I didn’t unsync and sync back). Now it is reduces to 0.73Gb. I have a lot of Cydia apps, so I think that is the 0.73Gb.

    Thank you very much! :) :) :)

  43. Neighbor says:

    I followed each and every step, as well as deleting some unused themes, cydia apps, MXtube vids, etc. And reduced it from around 3GB to 0.90 GB. Im still upset that i have this 900 MB of other memory, and i need more help on how to reduce it to the normal 0.2-0.4 GB of other memory people should have. I only have 23 MB worth of themes, which i use all the time and wouldn’t delete, I have no mxtube videos, but still, this 0.90 GB lingers around. And i don’t think the few cydia apps i’ve installed would keep my other memory 500 – 700 MB above the norm. Any ideas? Or is 0.90 GB fine for a JB’ed iTouch on 4.3.2 firmware?

  44. GavinB says:

    I all ready posted here a while back and for some strange reason at one point it actually worked but i have spent hours in trying to reduce the same problem again. i have followed the instructions step by step several times and still can’t seem to get rid of the now 6.5 Gigs taking up my precious space.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE some one help..

    • GavinB says:

      Just to add to my question. once i had deleted the f files from iTunes control when i synced my iPhone (before rebooting) for about 5 seconds the other files did actually go down by more than half and than shortly after shot back up again to 6.5.

  45. steve says:

    this worked form me at first, but as I was resyncing my music, Itunes wasn’t able to sync any of it to my iphone 3g. I didn’t know what was wrong, so I tried redoing the procedures, and I noticed all the “F” files reappearing. I deleted them, but when I reboot my phone, they always come back.

  46. jms9824 says:

    just to share, deleted all contents from \var\mobile\Media\ApplicationArchives\

    worked for me, contains installers/archive for all my applications.

  47. Bhadra says:

    Thank you very much, it worked for me, i use a 8GB 3GS and the other space took almost 1.5 GB, following the above steps worked, wonderful

  48. Deema says:

    its awesome,it worked for my Itouch, ‘others’ was already more than 2Gb…….Thanks from KZ

  49. randeep says:

    its just just awesome.very easy and 100% working.thanks

  50. Hector says:

    I did this it worked. Now my videos cant be played
    Theyre on my phone but i cant play

  51. Podger says:

    Fantastic – Was about to do a restore to get back some space and stumbled across this….Many Thanks

  52. Erin says:

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! I went from 3.1 GB of “other” to only .48 GB of “other”!!!

  53. Benoit says:

    The tip does not work for me. But this is obvious since I do not store any music on my iPhone. But by chance, I discovered that running Onyx on my Mac has allowed me to get some memory back.

  54. Lara says:

    This helped me so much. Thank you! xo

  55. sneakers says:

    Awesome!! Recovered 10GB of space on my iPhone 4. The issue wasn’t the music, it was 4 lengthy video files that were not displaying in the camera roll. They were in the DCIM folder on the iPhone, and with DiskAid I was able to copy them to my Macbook Pro then delete them from the iPhone. Sweet! Thanks a lot.

  56. Henning Halfpap says:

    Perfect! Works like a charm on the iPhone 4 / IOS5.

  57. Daniel says:

    Thanks this removed some GB, but now I cant play videos or movies! HELP

  58. Danny says:

    Hi im having the same problem but i rely on a unlock for my iphone 4, im using a gevey sim, and im on a 4.3.3 baseband, but if i do this process will i be able to use my unlock again? I know that restoring it will update to the newest softwarw right? HELPPP

  59. JM says:

    I’ve tried this on the iPhone 4 as well as the iPhone 4s. At first it works wonderfully, but the “other files” reappeared the next time I synced. Now when I try it I delete the “F” files and follow instructions perfectly but they reappear each time. I’ve done this multiple times and have no idea how to proceed. Anyone who has found a way to correct this please respond.


    • Rob C says:

      I have the same problem. I only have half a gig of “other” but I need it as my memory is running low and I have my full music collection on my iPhone4. If anyone finds a way to rectify this problem then email me on robconroysucks@me.com

  60. Rahat says:

    i have done all that,, but when i sync back (last step) itunes asks me to delete all my 42 apps to perform sync. i can not take that risk, being unsure that will it do the job or not. how do i get it sync without deleting my APPS and every thing.
    i have jailbroken i phone 4 ver,4.0.1

  61. Dominic says:

    I tried this four times, it still didn’t work

  62. Ken says:

    Are these files imbedded in itunes itself? They are reappearing after I perform the procedure with Diskaid. Thanks!

  63. me_lol says:

    thanks a lot man..

  64. LexisOrAlv says:

    This guy over there made my day happy! Thanks a lot!

  65. Supafly says:

    i tried, but it came back again . isit because my other file is only 0.40 gb small ?

  66. srode1000 says:

    AWESOME!@!!! this worked a treat. I followed the steps above but it did nothing for my “other” file. it was up to 25GB!!!!!! so I just looked around in the MEDIA FOLDER and found my VOICE RECORDINGS we being held in there after I had already deleted them. the VOLA!!! 25gb down to 0!!!!! AWESOME!!!!

    thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

  67. Clint Cambier says:

    Thanks! This did the trick, along with the music trick I also cleared my TomTom archive this way. That took up 1.2 GB.

  68. John says:

    No good , cannot get ride of my 4.5g Other ….

    bad times

  69. khurram says:

    thanks buddy excellent!

  70. Hom says:

    Does this only work for jailbroken phones?

  71. rushgirl says:

    This is brilliant!!! I have ZERO “other” disk space.
    I have a iphone 3Gs. Best solution ever.
    Thank you so much!!

  72. amsatnet says:

    It worked!!! Although for me the “other” files was a 13.6 GB hd recording I had made. I saved it to my hardrive through diskaid since I suspected this was the problem. Then I went ahead and also followed the instruction and VIOLA my memory is back!! TY

  73. Brian says:

    This was very helpful. Unfortunately, it didn’t fix my entire problem. It took my almost 5 GB of “other” down to just over 2 GB. I then tried the same technique by unsyncing movies and music. That bumped it down a little more. I tried photos next. That didn’t help. I kept digging around in this media folder until I discovered the recordings folder was over 2 GB. I had been recording the sermons at our church since I got my new iPhone and even though I was deleting them from iTunes, they were still on my iPhone. I deleted them from this folder and that finally solved the problem.

    This shows the iPhone storage system doesn’t work exactly the way it’s supposed to. Over 5 GB of my 32 GB phone were taken up with things I didn’t know were on my phone and could have never discovered without DiskAid. Thanks for this this tip!

  74. Paul says:

    Nice tutorial,
    unfortunately my “other” went UP slightly.

  75. NewToiPod says:

    Like many people here who failed about this,
    I’m one of them and the VERY SAME REASON

    I followed each step (I promise), the “other” memory got down but after I’ve reboot they gone up again :|

    dude I really need your help

    • Sanwal Shah says:

      Well I rather used iTools instead of DiskAid.
      1. Download iTunes.

      2. Open it, don’t worry. No need to install ;)

      3. Hit ‘File system’ box under your iPhone bar.

      4. Go to ‘File System (Jailbreak), check Library.

      If it helps. Then boom. If not. Then check & dig each folder size & you’ll notice which is using all your memory.
      Actually, I was using Rush Player & sometimes I opened files from iFiles (An app to open & access all the files, like File Manager in other smart phones) so the RushPlayer backup files took all the data :(
      I dug it, and found that the storage was in File System (Jailbreak)/Library/PreferenceBundles…
      I hope it will solve your problem :)

      And I’m a Muslim. Muslims are not TERRORISTS..
      As far as I know, they have no Religion.

  76. franco says:

    man.. i love you.. it works. i reclaim 19 gigabytes. :D . tq very very much

  77. JustHere says:

    The folders comeback because folders are folders. They are meant to be there for the music to be organized. What you’re doing is probably fixing an iTunes error. I’m not really sure about this method.

  78. Barb says:

    Nicely Done – Thank you.

  79. Karl says:

    I’m trying out the steps above but i cant find the “DiskAid folder” mentioned in step 2. Anyone else encountered this?

  80. Tiffany says:

    Hi i have an iphone 3GS and i recently upgraded to iOS 5.0.1 and i got it jailbroken and it worked perfectly fine and i did the same process with my sisters phone and today i noticed that when i try to download apps it says storage almost full, and i deleted almost ALL my apps except for twitter, tumblr, facebook, and wikipedia and it STILL said i had 0 bytes left, but when i checked my sisters hers was perfectly fine! i tried so many times to fix my phone (deleting unstable cydia sources, restoring it and then jailbreaking it again, rebooting it, leaving it off, and finally the whole process with diskaid) and after i did those steps (diskaid) i though it would work but it didnt even though i deleted all the empty files under music (startting w/f) and i did everything right but when i synced it again there was still 4bytes being occupied by “other” i then got really mad and deleted ALOT of empty files on diskaid (bad idea) and still nothing changed except itunes kept saying my phone was in “recovery mode” and i had to restore to fix it, so i did that but then it said i had to restore again and i did it again and i was able to restore my phone but theres still 4bytes being occupied by “other” and its really getting on my nerves, and not only will i have to reinstall all my sources, tweaks, and apps again, but also im trying to find out how to get rid of this problem and prevent it from happening in the future (i jailbreak my classmates phones too).
    if you have any clue as to what is wrong with my phone, please pleas please reply (im so desperate for answers!) :)
    and thank you in advanced :D <3

  81. Ketan R says:

    It is REALLY REALLY Great Help to me…. BOSS I love you

  82. Bella Crosswell says:

    Hi my associate! I want to say that this article is amazing, nice written and can include most vital infos. I would like to see more posts similar to this .

  83. Carol L says:

    Fantastic instructions Daniel. It worked a dream – I managed to recover 1.5GB! Thank you so much.

  84. GUI says:

    Do I need to sync after I un-tick the Sync Music option in Step 1?

  85. Carol L says:

    I am not sure why but when I tried this method the first time late last year, it worked like a dream and I reclaimed 1.5GB. But since I downloaded the latest iOS last month, the Others folder has returned also at 1.5GB. I tried this method again but it hasn’t worked. I followed it step-by-step and tried it about 5 times but it still hasn’t worked. Grrrr…

  86. Shena says:

    It work BUT now none of my music plays!!!!!!!!!!!! It plays on my itunes from my computer and it shows up on my phone but when I push play NOTHING happens. HELP!!!!!!

    • Elaine says:

      Shena, did you find a fix for that? I am having the same exact problem, nothing plays. The only thing that I could play was something that I downloaded from iCloud just now.

      any help would be much appreciated.


      • car says:

        i’m having the same issue; my songs and podcasts will not play on my iphone anymore after deleting the “F” files that were suggested above. bummer… were you able to figure out how to fix this?


  87. Alan says:

    Thank You very much

  88. George says:

    Thank you man )

  89. taylor says:

    maybe i’m dumb but i don’t see anything on diskaid that says “diskaid folder”

  90. rwrightpix says:

    I managed to delete the ‘f’ files with Disk Aid and emptying the trash but it only reduced my ‘other’ data by 400mb; 4.2gb down to 3.8.

    Please advise.

    Many thanks…

  91. gilad says:

    also for me at the beginning the other section was cut down to 0.3 after it was 5.1 gb, but when i resynced all the other came back.
    i search the folders using the iaidisk and found one folder called “hackStore” (which is weird cause my iphone is not jailbroken) that weight 3.5 gb, ive deleted it and then deleted another file of 1 gb i found in “Application archive” and i managed to release 4 gb of other folder in less then a minute!

  92. Burger says:

    In what directory did you find the “hackStore” folder?

  93. Arch Hughes says:

    3.4GB recovered. Thanks!

  94. Ben says:

    Thanks so much. Saved me a lot of time and headaches.

  95. MTomlinson says:

    Use DiskAid to check your Recordings folder. New iOS keeps recognizing deleted voice recordings as part of the used memory and fills up Other with that. Try just deleting unwanted voice recordings first. I use mine for work and that took off about 4 gigs. Just make sure you first save copies from iTunes of the ones you want to keep.

  96. Zahirul says:

    THANKSS! But i had the problems now! It’s done , as you know , now itunes cant sync videos from pc . So , I used ” CopyTrans ” to sync movie or video straight to my iPhone 3gs 16gb . and i checked my iphone in itunes . The ” other ” files eat 1.09GB into my memory . Anyone ? Help me :’( Pleaseee asap! thank you :’)

  97. Mohammed says:

    I used your method, my ‘others’ went from 3.2 GB to 1.7 GB, but I found that all my books and PDFs deleted, when I restored them the others went back to exactly 3.2 GB again !!

  98. Vincent says:

    I used exactly what you’ve said but nothing has changed. I did your method 3 times to be sure that I did not commit any mistake.
    I have an Iphone 4, ios 5.1.1

  99. PC says:

    Quick tip:

    I have been checking online for the past few hours or so and I found a quick fix on mine:

    I deleted my ALL of my “Messages” (text, iMessage, MMS) and reduced my others from 3.8gb to 1.13gb.

    I have done a restore, removed apps, sync/unsync to no avail. The only thing that worked for me was deleting all my Messages contents. I suspect it’s all the photos/videos I’ve sent that have been cached on the system somehow.

    Hope this helps!


  100. Elaine says:

    I went from 3.7gb down to 0.23gb following your instructions.

    I have a question: what are all those “f” folders in the music folder?


  101. Elaine says:

    I would like to add something to my comment above. Upon checking my phone, I realized all my emails were gone. I have two accounts setup on my phone, my internet provider’s account and a gmail account. All the email that I download on my phone is also downloaded to my computer, so loosing them is not a problem, I guess.

    When I checked my gmail account, it downloaded all that I have in that account again, and only about 20 of my most recent emails on my internet provider’s account.

    “others” at this point is zeroed. No yellow bar at all. Not even after syncing in iTunes again.

  102. heri says:

    Great !!!

  103. Amanda says:

    Thanks a lot. Now none of my Music is playing. Thanks, Now I have to restore it! please, gtfo!

  104. jaye says:

    Help – I used diskaid and deleted those f folders, got rid of yellow “other” but now my music won’t play??

  105. Blue_Caramel says:

    Thx so much!!!
    It’s work.

  106. AppleUser says:

    It went from 2GB of other space to just 1.99GB of other space, I redid the steps thrice but still got nothing, is there anything else that I have to do or should i restore it?

  107. Henrique says:


  108. tracy says:

    i tried this with my iphone 4s. my other folder showed 7.6gb and after i did all the steps it took it down to 6.1gb.. i have redone all the steps and still not getting it any smaller, any other suggestions???

  109. Jem says:

    This worked like a charm. Thank you so much!

  110. Scott says:

    I have no music and I still have 3 gb of my 8 g iPhone 3GS in the other category. Please Help!!!

  111. Ted says:

    I d/l the Diskaid but no subfolders showing under the music… I just can see all my song files. Did I d/l a wrong version maybe? Pls help.

  112. nepster says:

    Hi, thank you so much!
    I’ve just deleted applications archive subfolders! Thank you!

  113. Darlene S. says:

    Hmm, why isnt this working? I have no music on my 4th Gen iPod Touch….yet….there is still 0.76 of other hogging my memory. based on what ive heard i am only supposed to have less than 0.50 of Other files. HOW THE HECK DO I FIX THIS BS!!! omg.
    anyone can help me???? :) )) much appreciated. thx

  114. root says:

    worked like a charm

  115. Pazza Wazza says:

    Followed your guide after I’d torn half my hair out for weeks over my ‘other’ issue. All I can say is, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    You guys sure rock – 2.9 gb of hogging rubbish to zilch, zero, nada!!

    Bless you all.

  116. Uri says:

    Didn’t work for me… I did every thing as you said and deleted all subfolders in the music folder but “others” didn’t shrink at all. HELP!

  117. Dan says:

    Holy crap. I followed the instructions given and regained 1.97GB on my iPad2! Thanks a lot!

  118. paryia says:


  119. jimmy says:

    I still see “other files” taking up memory:((( I have done all the steps one by one and ive repeated the step 4 several times:(( whats going on? help please!!

  120. Ocean says:

    Yeah I did this and the people who say it worked are wrong, plain and simple. Sure it will remove the “other” files BUT your music won’t play as those “F” folder files are required for the music to play on your device. The only way according to Apple to remove the files in “other” is to restore to factory and start fresh.. Sorry folks it’s just part of the iOS, hopeful iOS6 fixes this.

    • Peter says:

      I used IOS 6.

      I spend more than 5 hours to do a complete restore and it did not sort out my 12 GB OTHER for me.

      However, delete the F folders helps me to clear around 2GB.

      Thanks Daniel for posting this!!

    • emilyg says:

      What do you mean the people who say it worked ‘are wrong’??? It worked for me and my music plays fine. Just because it didn’t work for you or some other people doesn’t mean that it didn’t work for others!!

      Apple are talking rubbish about having to restore to factory default for music to play. I followed the Diskaid instructions to the letter, and while I only got rid of 1GB of ‘other’, at least it’s only using 1.3GB now instead of 2.3GB.

      For those asking where the ‘Diskaid folder’ is as per the instructions, I couldn’t find it either. I had to click on “file system” > “media” > “itunes control” > “music”.

      I’ve synced twice so far and ‘other’ is still at 1.3GB

  121. robotnyk says:

    it does work, and also makes music unplayable, and you can copy everything on your device once again. which would worth it, but once you start moving music back, the same amount of ‘Other’ stuff reappears on the device. I might try the backup-restore solution, this one is not good.

  122. AMD says:

    Shaved off a good 700Meg using this procedure; went from 1.38G to 0.7G.

    During my pursuit, I also found out that iFiles app uses a Trash setting hence if you delete files/folders using the app, it goes into a trash folder. I used iPhone Browser to delete it & saved some 3Gig odd.

    Deleting files from Installous download folder also saves on space from ‘Other’ section. If I find anything additional, will post the same.


  123. Stephanie says:

    Okay, i have done this, correctly, and it didn’t work.

    Now my music files will NOT play on my iPhone. i have tried everything to get it back to normal and nothing works. I have restored it, backed it up and resynced it, uncheck music and resynced it, rebooted it, EVERYTHING. And nothing works.

    How the hell can i fix this?! Does ANYONE know how i can?

  124. brendan2012 says:

    did this twice and followed your steps exactly, when i plugged my phone back in to get the music, the 3 gb of ‘other’ showed up again, each time i deleted all the f folders, synced my phone with sync music off, then unplugged and rebooted the phone, then tried to sync the music back on

  125. issa says:

    i just tried it but i didnt work for me .. actually i have no music on my iphone 3gs and have like 2.5GB of “other “files .. any idea on what i can do ? thanks

  126. Jason Castonguay says:

    Wow…My “Other” just doubled thanks to this. WTF!?

  127. Saubhagya says:

    Really Get Tool iFunBox. I have looked at the file system and deleted some unwanted files get back 4GB disk space in IPAD. Thanks

  128. Andy F says:

    My iPhone 4 running iOS 5 had an other file that recently grew to over 3 GB. I gave the suggested procedure a try. Worked like a charm. Many thanks!

  129. Angel says:

    I started with 2.9g of “other” space and followed steps 1-4, synced my phone and it went down to .22g of “other.” IT WORKED! thank you because i did not want to go through the hassle of restoring my phone etc.

  130. Mr. T says:

    iPhone 4s, iOs 5.1 – doesn’t work. I lost all my music library, but “Others” still takes 2,4 gb. Worse, can’t set back music to iPhone and can’t make any playlist on it.

  131. COLIN says:


  132. Edwin says:

    It didnt work at the begining. I tried to check every folders inside Media via DiskAid and deleted those strange files in the folders of Recordings and DCIM! It finally works!!!

    My “Other” space has been all removed! :D Thanks!

  133. Steven says:

    Thank you so much!! I was so worried I was going to have to do a “restore” and update to ios6 and get the crappy transit-less Apple maps (which is the sole reason I purchased an iPhone 4s over the iPhone 5 yesterday)! So happy to know that I haven’t lost 2.2 gb just because I don’t want to restore!

  134. Steven says:

    Wait – no. It looked like it worked, but as soon as I synced a custom playlist onto my iPhone 4s, the “other” filled right back up.

  135. Damon says:

    DO NOT DO IT GUYS. It may WORK for some of you, but IF IT DOESNT, your ENTIRE MUSIC LIBRARY WILL NOT PLAY. (it happened to me. got rid of the ‘others’ but my tracks all could not be played.) JUST A BIT OF WARNING HERE.

    • Sarah says:

      HAPPENED TO ME TOO. well, it did delete the extras a little but now all my iPod music just stops at 0:00. It works fine on iTunes, just doesn’t work on my iPod. I tried resetting, recharging then resetting, deleting some songs, whatever. Nothing’s working. HELP??

      • Madelyn says:

        I’m not sure if you’ve solved this yet – but it did the same thing to me. I went back and unchecked “sync music” and hit apply (which took all the music off my iphone) Of course it also got rid of all of my “other”. I rechecked it, hit sync again. My “other” went right back up, but it also started re-adding music to my phone – which will now play.

  136. Josh says:

    Just did this and went from 1.63 GB to 0.23 and now “other” is non-existent! Thanks so much!

  137. Coreen says:

    I followed your instructions step-by-step but it didn’t work :( I still have 5.3 GB of other on my iphone 4S. It is so frustrating!!!

  138. nick says:

    I got stuck at this part:

    “at the bottom left corner it says “DiskAid folder”, click on the drop down list and choose “media folders”.

    At the bottom left it only says Buy DiskAid and Register.

    I can’t seem to find that anywhere on DiskAid…. Any help?? Thanks. I have a 3GS and my other files are up to 1.46 Gb

  139. Mark says:

    I had to hunt around a little for the iTunes Control folder (I might be using a newer version of DiskAid; it was at File System>Media>iTunes_Control>Music) but this worked great. “Other” went down from 1.38gb to .22gb. That’s a lot on a 8gb (6.5gb) Touch. Thank you!

  140. Essano says:

    Hey man,

    I am trying ith my iphone 5 ios 6.0.1 and it’s not working =/

    Do you have any idea?

    Thank you!

  141. Ben says:

    hi, i tried this and it didn’t seem to help, under the camera roll folder i have found folders called 100APPLE, 101APPLE etc. deleting these will this help? also is there anything else i can do to free up 2.5GB of “other” usage? thanks

  142. Charlie says:

    I have a massive problem. I was going through deleting my media files on my iphone and i went a bit trigger happy with deleting of the files as my computer was lagging.. and it deleted all of my media folder from under file system. :’( can someone please help me? Can someone copy their files off of their iphone and upload them for me? THIS IS URGENT

  143. Ahmed says:

    Hey,for those who used ifile to delete the files and it didn’t work its easy just back again to ifile and find the way to trashes by click edit/the littel icon of trash in the bottom bar/click go to trash/and then empty trashes done

  144. Med2000 says:

    Hey,for those who used ifile to delete the files and it didn’t work its easy just back again to ifile and find the way to trashes by click edit/icon of trash /click go to trash/and then empty trashes done

  145. Sam Deeks says:

    Another happy customer here. I used iExplorer (used to be called iPhone Explorer until Apple p****d on them for using the word ‘iPhone).

    You people put Apple to SHAME. There’s nothing I could find from them on this common problem. I love it when people like you (and I) provide information that the big companies are too lazy to do. It makes them look sooooo shoddy.

    Thanks again. 4Gb of ‘other’ data gone, more space for black and white movies for those long train journeys. Excellent.

  146. ranel anthony says:

    worked great! now i want to buy that DiskAid app… :)

  147. Corey says:

    Many thanks. My iPad had almost 4GB’s of other and I had no idea what it was. Until now. Thanks again.

  148. John says:

    Thank you so much Daniel! I just freed up 5.5 gigs off of my IPhone 4S. My other had jumped by 1 gig in one day so it was out of control.

    A note for new users: To find the iTunes control in DiskAid 6 under the device select storage, then media, then ITunes_Control, then Music.

  149. Unknown says:

    Thank you. 1.3 gb freed!

  150. jon says:

    i just tried this and my other jumped from 3.5gb to 18gb any ideas whats going on there?

    • jon says:

      fixed it. i went back into itunes_control/music using ifile and deleted all the F folders again, then emptied the trash. ‘other’ section is now down to 227mb

  151. PD says:

    Awesome !!! wish Apple fixes the problem at root!! Irrespective great tips.

  152. RIP says:

    it doesnt work anymore, the other files just pop up back with the same size :| after i do the sync

  153. Soni says:

    In my case iTunes_Control>Music> showing only one folder named F31
    what should i do here..? Please help

  154. aa101 says:

    Since I only have photos synced on my iPad, I have over 20GB of Other. Which folder do I delete if using DiskAid? Thank you.

  155. Paige says:

    I can’t find the “DiskAid Folder” button in the bottom left corner. Has it been updated and moved somewhere else?

  156. Claire says:

    I cannot find the “DiskAid Folder” either…

  157. Dewi says:

    Thank you so much, 1.5g freed. What on earth are all those F files, i had 34!

    Also found a load of other guff in other files I deleted, where does this crap come from.

  158. Malik says:

    Okay, so everything worked fine. I deleted about 4 GB of “other” data.

    The problem is.. When I try and play music now, my iPhone starts to completely act up. The music doesn’t play. But instead, it skips around to random songs and doesn’t even play them. It’s really annoying. Has this happened to anybody else? Do you guys know how I can fix this?

    • Greg says:

      Just do what the other person suggested. Uncheck the music, in itunes all of it, and even uncheck the books too. Then click sync, and after it is synced recheck it and sync them back. That should fix it. If you have itunes set to manually manage the music, then make sure your music is backed up first. I don’t know why anyone would want to manually manage music in itunes. I used to do that when I first got an iphone in 2008, but I realized it was more trouble then it was worth.

  159. sr says:

    MALIK- The same thing just happened to me! My phone is acting CRAZY!

  160. Steven Rodriguez says:

    So this works and i am very happy i got my space back… But the only issue that i have found was when i tried playing music on my phone it skips back and forth between songs and doesn’t play music.. i may of done something wrong. but i followed all the instructions! please help me out! i really need a break from all this! thanks

  161. Alyssa says:

    didn’t work at all… deleted all the music files and did as suggested but the other never reduced. after clicking “get info” on all folders i don’t even see where the excess amount of other is originating from, most folders are empty or contain very little kbs. still have 3g of other and a full device, only got to wait a good hour or two to resync all my music :/

  162. Cory says:

    I have tried the fix using diskaid 3 times. Each time the “F” folders return after I have deleted them, rebooted….etc. Any ideas?

  163. Cory says:

    By the way, I have 15.6 GB in the “Other”.

  164. I used your Tutorial for my iPhone 5. And it worked great! Thanx a lot. Appreciate your help a lot. Greetz, Maxim Gelkopf – The Netherlands

  165. Nune says:

    I followed your instructions and it didn’t help at all. I nearly had a heart attack when none of my songs played.

    If you did this and your music just skipped at 00:00 this helped me…

    uncheck the music tab from your phone then sync
    replug your phone and put your songs back and sync

  166. Greg says:

    I had 2.5GB in other and after it was 1.3. I removed the f folders and used explorer 3 for the mac. I synced after and the other went away. Then i resynced the music and it went back to 1.3. I had to uncheck the books audiobooks etc. as they wouldn’t play after so you may want to uncheck the books and audiobooks too and then resync them after.

    Thanks for helping get over a GB back :)

  167. Diego says:

    Nice men it still works on iOS7, great job!

  168. Mike says:

    Well, I followed the instructions several times on my 4S, but after deleting the “f” files and re-syncing, the “other” category is back to 9Gb. I have less than 1Gb of free space left. I’ve also checked the other folders and there is nothing to account for 9Gb of “other” space. Anyone have a solution?

  169. AK says:

    Tried this as well… 5-6 times, and still does not work. 8.6Gb of “other”… in fact, after one attempt it went up slightly!! UGH…

    ANY tips are appreciated!!!!!!!!

    HELP! I-am-slowly-going-crazy!!!

  170. Charlotte says:

    Thank you so much! from 35GB down to 2.5GB… :-)

  171. Natacha says:


  172. Lucas says:


  173. Louis says:

    “at the bottom left corner it says “DiskAid folder”, click on the drop down list and choose “media folders””

    There is no such button at the bottom left hand corner entitled “DiskAid folder”.

  174. TY says:

    OMG.. totally worked!!! thanks a million..

  175. Leeney says:

    I finally broke down and used DiskAid and I am so relieved I did. At first, just deleting the Music “f” folders had minimal impact on my 13.6 GB of Other data. So then I hunted through other Media folders and went into the iTunes folder where I found an Artwork folder containing all the album art. Deleting that helped some but not much. I was still hovering just above 12 GB. Then I went into the CloudAssets folder. That was it. This is where my Other was hiding. In there were all these mpeg files from downloaded videos, etc, from the Cloud. I deleted them and I was in AWE! I was down to below 1GB of Other data. And when I rebooted and Sync’d my music, I was thrilled to see I was still down to 1GB. Music is fine, artwork is reloaded. Whew!

    Thank you so much for these instructions and for DiskAid.

    • ashis says:

      Where is the “Cloud Assets” folder? I don’t see one anywhere, and I’m having a problem with none of my “other” files disappearing after using DiskAid twice. Something is eating 5.6 GB on my phone and I can’t figure out what it is. =/

  176. ashis says:

    Hello, thanks for the how-to. Unfortunately, this isn’t working at all for me.

    I have an iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1.4. I’ve had 5-6 GB of “other” files on my phone for a very long time. I went through DiskAid twice and removed all the iTunes media and artwork folders. The “other” files never diminish. When I re-sync to get all my music back, all those f folders are back in DiskAid too. Any thoughts?
    I’m on a Mac, OS X 10.9.2.

    Thank you!

  177. JR says:

    Worked perfect freed up 7 Gigs instructions are dead on. Only difference is the name of the software you need, now its called iMazing. Otherwise sweetness my man thanks a bunch I hope to pay it forward. God bless……

  178. Chris says:

    You are a god thanks so much!!

  179. Juergen says:

    Thanks sooooo much. I have been trying so many differnt solutions attemps, spent hours if not days. THIS WORKED. Thanks.

    WTF Apple? Years later, multiple updates of itunes and iOS and you can’t get this fixed. Unbelievable.

  180. lando says:

    Thank you!!!!

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