Fitness and training goes high-tech with new generation equipment

If you enjoy going to the gym and are already fairly tech-savy when it comes to using your ipod in your workout by using the Ipod Nike+ training monitor, the you will love what is coming next.

The future of exercise is techno heavy and its here, as manufacturers are launching new generation of training equipment with touch screen and interaction with ipod’s and other computer related gadgets. They come with large touchscreens, ipod docking stations and usb ports allowing you to create your training on your computer and bring it to the gym and upload it into your training equipment. Then download your performance after your workout and upload it into your computer to monitor your performance and progress.

One example is plugging your ipod into the treadmill, saving all your data from the exercise onto your ipod. When you get home you can upload it from your ipod or USB stick, track your progress and set your exercise settings for next time you are at the gym. The days of remembering what speed etc. you chose on the treadmill is over, now your ipod or USB stick will do it for you.

All you have to do now is do the actual workout!


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