Fitbit Flex fitness tracker armband – multi purpose and water resistant

Fitbit Flex fitness tracker wristband

There are plenty of companies and accessories out there these days that want to help you stay fit, and Fitbit are amongst them, offering up a range of fitness related smartphone accessories, including the latest wristband fitness monitor in the Fitbit Flex.

Fitbit Flex fitness tracker wristband

Fitbit Flex might not have the same name traction as the Nike+ Fuelband yet, but it’s hoping that delivering a wide range of health tracking services in a compact and fairly stylish setting, at a lower price than its competitors, will do the trick. Bluetooth Smart Ready inclusion means that the Flex consumes very little power, allowing for longer use between charges, whigh is always a positive. It also means that you don’t have to physically connect it with your smartphone to sync data. You simply need to have the FitBit App open and the Flex armband in close proximity.

The Fitbit Flex will track all your movements, whether running, walking, playing sports, sleeping, or even swimming, as it’s water resistant for short stints, allowing you to still wear it in the shower or in the pool. What ‘water resistant for stints’ actually means might be worth checking out further before wearing your Flex in water for too long. Put the Flex in sleep mode at night and you can set a wake up alarm, which results in the Flex gently vibrating on your arm to wake you up, while not waking up anyone else you share a bed or room with.

I will be back with a hands-on review later.

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