First iPhone 4S tv ad focuses on Siri

Apple has started airing their first official iPhone 4S tv spot and it is all about Siri voice assistant, showcasing how different people uses the new feature to get stuff done and get on with their lives.


Some of the Siri voice assistant features showcased in the ad include:

  • Finding the fastest way to a hospital (maps functionality)
  • Weather forecast
  • Location based reminders
  • Setting a wake-up alarm time
  • Sending text messages using voice
  • Telling the iPhone 4S to play a specific song
  • Find information on how to tie a bow tie
  • What does a weasel look like
  • Move a meeting in the calendar
  • Find service providers in your area (locksmith)

While i can see the attraction of the Siri voice assistant, i’m still on the fence as to it being a strong enough feature to convince people to either upgrade or get the iPhone 4S.


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