iPhone media event: Final hour predictions based on learnings from the past

I’m sure we all agree that no matter what Apple announces at the event later today, it will be a relief to get some answers to all the rumors that have been circulating for months now. When it comes to iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S i have tried to look at all the rumors and what we can learn from past product upgrades for the market.

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Prediction – It’s an iPhone 4S

The lack of a redesigned iPhone 5 at this stage might come as a disappointment to many Apple fans out there, but fact is that the iPhone 4 is still one of the more loved smartphone designs out there, and at the moment there is nothing in the market that says that Apple need to change the design of the current iPhone, besides fixing the antenna issue, which is rumored to have been sorted for the iPhone 4.

If we look at past product upgrades from Apple they have rarely lived up to many of the wild speculations in the rumor mill, but instead been focused on delivering just enough to make the product stay at the forefront of the consumer mind. The sentiment in the market at the moment seem to be for Apple to deliver a more affordable handset compared to a new design, especially looking at the wider global market. If the rumors around the iPhone 4S is correct in terms of upgrades of internal components, it is unlikely that Apple will have been able to lower the production costs enough to significantly lower the cost of the handset itself. Therefore an iPhone 4S would still likely be too expensive to make real dent in the prepaid smartphone market globally.

Let me ask this question; How many of you would switch to a different smartphone if Apple do not deliver a redesigned iPhone 5?

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My guess would be that very few of us would actually ditch our iPhone because the iPhone 5 does not live up to the hype of the rumor mill. The ones that want the latest version is likely to upgrade anyway, and those that are in the market for a upgrade as their contracts are up for renewal, is also likely to go with the new version, especially of the price can be lowered slightly. I very much doubt that the lack of a redesigned iPhone 5 would make much of a dent in the iPhone sales figures.

I would be more than happy to be wrong about this, but considering how Apple has historically managed their product life cycle you get the feeling that this year is more about extending the reach of their iPhone and creating new and compelling reasons for users to engage even more with their iPhone.

Luckily we just have to wait a few more hours until we find out. I will of course be bringing all the latest information as it happens right here.


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