Azatom Fidek iBigBoy 2/2a review – big speakers with big sound

Azatom iBigBoy2

Over the last few days i have had the pleasure of testing out some iPod sound systems that has not been on my radar, proving once again that sometimes you can find some hidden gems in the world of iPod speaker docks and sound systems. The Azatom Fidek iBigboy 2 is one of those hidden gems.

The Azatom Fidek iBigboy 2 is big in every way as it is a sizeable unit and definitely not a bedside table speaker dock, so hiding it must have been difficult, but unlike many other big systems it does also deliver on power and sound.

Fidek iBigBoy 2 iPod docking station

Compared to many of the other higher end iPod sound systems out there, like the B&W Zeppelin, the Fidek iBigboy is a sizeable unit weighting in at about 24kg’s and measuring 581mm x 220 x 860mm so it does take up some space. Now, i have been testing it in my living room, which is fairly small and has a lot of other stuff around, but placing the system up against a wall it does not feel that big and takes up less space than i would have thought. If you have a sizeable room or an open spaced apartment etc. you would probably find that the system would integrate nicely without, like many other iPod docking stations, look out of place. I can definitely see it fitting in nicely underneath a wall mounted tv for example, which would be an ideal location for easy connection through s-video for watching content from your iPod or iPhone through the tv, as well as for using Azatom Fidek iBigboy 2 as external speakers for the tv.

The main reason for the size of the Fidek iBigboy 2 lies in what you find “under the hood”. This iPod docking station packs some power with 500 watts max power output, making it one the most powerful in its class. Cranking up the volume on this bad boy will certainly keep your neighbours awake. But the Azatom iBigboy 2 is not just a system for high volume and power, as it delivers a nice mid-range and treble that is clear and precise through 2 x 13cm crossover mid speakers of the latest generation combined with a 10″ subwoofer.

Fidek iBigBoy 2 under the hood

I’m no sound expert or sound technician, and i don’t think you have to be to understand that the sound you get from this system is very good. Personally i found the sound to get better at a relative high volume as the bass properly kicked in, but that could be down to just adjusting the balance at a lower volume depending on the type of music you listen to. What is great about the Azatom Fidek iBigboy 2 is that even pushing the system towards the max the sound did not get distorted. Plus at a higher volume you also get to feel the power of the bass on your body as the subwoofer and the 2 x 6cm fast flow bass ports pumps out truly powerful sound.

Following an upgrade, the latest model of the Azatom Fidek iBigboy 2 is fully iPhone compatible with network shielding, so no longer any need to put your iPhone 4 in flight mode before docking with this unit.

Fidek iBigBoy 2 sideview

The Azatom Fidek iBigboy has grown on me over the last few days. Soundwise it definitely lives up to the challenge against its more well known competitors, and the same power you are likely only to find in iPod sound systems at a price class way above the £399 that the Fidek iBigboy is currently retailing at. The design and look might not be quite up there with the likes of the Zeppelin, but if you have the space it is definitely worth a second and a third look.

If you are looking for a powerful iPod sound system that produces a high quality sound experience, then we can recommend the Azatom Fidek iBigboy 2.

Following our review, Azatom has released a new version of the system, the Azatom iBigBoy 2A that supports docking for iPad and has bluetooth fucntionality. Specification are otherwise the same.

Price information

You can purchase the Azatom Fidek iBigboy 2 / 2A in the UK from:

Technical specifications

  • Speaker Dimensions – 2 x 2.5cm tweeter, 2 x 13cm crossover mid carbon fiber cones, 1 x 26cm sub, 2x 6cm polished fast flow bass ports
  • Max Power – 500W
  • Class D amplifier
  • Impedence – L/R: 4 ohm, Sub: 4 ohm
  • Sensitivity – 90dB +/- 3 dB
  • Frequency Response – L/R: 200 – 20Hz, 20 – 200Hz
  • Dimensions W x D x H – 581mm x 220 x 860mm
  • Weight – 24.1kg
  • Crisp 200W RMS
  • 2.1 Stereo Channel Output
  • Light, Touch Sensitive Buttons
  • AM/FM Radio
  • LCD Digital display
  • Alarm/Clock Function/Snooze
  • Fine adjustment bass control
  • Subwoofer on/off switch
  • Polished Piano Black Finish
  • Magnetic removable speaker cover
  • Black wood front facia finish
  • Composite video out
  • S- Video out
  • AUX input
  • Black sleek remote contol full function

Compatible with:

  • iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, 3G, 3, iPhone 2GS, 2G, 2
  • iPod Touch 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th generation
  • iPod Nano 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th generations
  • iPod Classic all generations.


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13 Responses to "Azatom Fidek iBigBoy 2/2a review – big speakers with big sound"

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  2. Gerardo Balza says:

    Dear Sir – Could you reccommend a distributor – where to buy it – OF THIS MAGNIFICENT FIDEX iBigboy2 in USA -Florida. Thanks. Gerardo Balza

  3. Vicky says:

    Hi bro. Could you tell me how could I buy this great dock for my ipod. I’m now in USA Texas. Where could I buy it ? I am waiting for your response. Thanks a lot, bro.

    • Hi Vicky. Not sure if there is a dealer for the Fidek iBigboy 2 in the US, but i know that 4cooltechnology that has the speaker dock in the UK also offers international shipment. Not sure what the shipping cost might be, but get in touch with them and they will let you know. Please say that you were referred by the site when you contact them.

  4. Kim Madruga says:

    Seeing as almost 20% of the city is below the poverty line, according to statistics….I can wager a guess.

  5. Adam says:

    Need to buy a remote as mine has been stolen thanks

  6. Gary says:

    Anyone know if the galaxy phone will work on this with a Bluetooth adapter or any other type of adapter from iPhone compatability to Samsung??? Before I buy as I have apple and Samsung devices

    • I have not tested specifically on this Azatom speaker, but i have used bluetooth dock adapters with other Azatom speakers, streaming without any issues from a Nexus 4 phone, so there should not be any issues. I also have it on good authority that Azatom plans to release a new version of the BigBoy that will feature interchangeable docking stations, including for Samsung Galaxy Connector (plus bluetooth). I hope to have more on that soon, so keep checking back here.

  7. remell says:

    Hi everyone im looking for a speaker that holds its on power so i can take it down to the skate park and not need really long power cables but it still needs to sound good i have look all over and just cant seem to find anything bigger than them/ small phone / mp3 speakers and that no good to me so if anyone can help that would make my day thanks.

  8. Emma B says:

    Having read your reviews several months if not years ago, we finally took the bull by the horns and purchased a big boy. It’s been in the house for about 2hrs and I love it. It is a big piece of kit but the sound quality it amazing at lower levels and out of this world at high volumes. I love the adapters which mean our ancient iPod and our new iPhones can both be used with it. Thanks to your informative, real life reviews I am more than convinced we have made the right choice.

  9. nije says:

    trying to rig this speaker upto a sonos system not sure if id need the sonos connect or the sonos connect with amp with this speaker ?
    anybody have any ideas solutions ?

  10. Simon Turner says:

    I’ve had the Azatom iBigboy 2A ICD BTX for one month now. I like bass and am very aware that a unit needs to be heavy and have a big bass speaker if it’s to stand any chance of producing earth shattering bass. The Azatom iBigboy has both and it rocks. The sounds is huge. It can shake stuff off the shelves.

    The iBigboy 2A ICD BTX comes with a number of docks to fit a variety of devices (all the various phones in my household fit it) but you don’t really need them as it has bluetooth. As the current bluetooth spec transmits at near-cd quality using bluetooth often gets a better sound that docking the phone too.

    Mainly I use it with my Logitech Squeezebox Touch network player which I plug in via the Aux Ins. This has a high quality output and the sound through the iBigboy is just glorious,.

    The remote that comes with the unit is simple to use and surprisingly (to me anyway) you can control Spotify with it (i.e. pause/play, back, forward etc). The inbuilt FM radio is fine (although the little aerial can look a little silly on the large device).

    I live remotely and got this so I could play music loudly indoors but also point it out of the patio doors to flood my garden and surrounding countryside. Although heavy it has two perfectly positioned handholds on the back which makes it simple to move. And yes, it floods the garden with sound, and great bass. This unit would be great for a small club or a bar too. Easily loud enough for most small venues.

    For £300 you can’t go wrong with this. Even sounds fine at lower volumes. A glowing 5 stars!

    My only requests for improvements would be:

    1) DAB radio instead of FM
    2) Stereo separation facility (the unit is practically mono)
    3) A cut out or some sort of protection for the speaker. I’ve played some bass heavy stuff so loud the speakers start to make cracking noises and I worry about blowing them.

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