Ferrari teams with Logic3 to bring AirPlay speaker docks and headphones [CES 2012]

While you would find plenty of Ferraris driving around the strip in Las Vegas it is not often that you find the Ferrari name in the heart of the technology mecca that is CES, but this year they have teamed up with Logic3 to bring us Ferrari themed headphones and speaker docks. Meet the Ferrary by Logic3 Cavallino and Scuderia collection.

Ferrari by Logic3 AirPlay speaker docks

If there is one thing to be certain of, it is that Ferrari would not have lend their name to these speakers and headphones unless they were up to the necessary quality standard that the world have come to expect from the premiere supercar manufacturer. In fact, Ferrari are reported to have been working closely with Logic3 to ensure that the end product is worthy of the prancing horse logo. The result is a collection of iPod speaker docks, headphones and earphones that is guaranteed to feature high on the list of any tifosi (Ferrari fans) out there.

Ferrari Cavallino GT1 Air Airplay speaker dock

The top model speaker dock is the Cavallino GT1 Air, built to the specifications of the classic GT road cars, using premium materials and textures, subtle while at the same time oozing class. Like the cars, this speaker dock comes packed with plenty of power. Under the hood you will find a 250W (RMS) Class HD amplifier, and a multi-speaker set up that includes a 6.5-inch subwoofer. You can either use the retractable docking station to dock and charge your iPhone, or you can stream wireless via bluetooth for the standard model (Cavallino GT1 at £499), or add an extra £100 to turn the system into a full blown AirPlay speaker (Cavalliono GT1 Air at £599).

Ferrari Scuderia FS1 Air airplay speaker dock

The second of the speaker docks is the Scuderia FS1 Air, where the inspiration for the design and features comes more from the Ferrari F1 team with their focus on speed and technological innovation.  You can see it in the design of the Scuderia FS1 speaker dock, as it has more of an angry design, with the red line running through the black material, and of course the bright yellow Scuderia Ferrari badge that is so iconic in the world of cars.

Under the hood of the Scuderia FS1 you will find a finely tuned 2.1 speaker set up with 120W RMS Class HD amplifier and twin passive bass radiators, providing plenty of power for this racing speaker dock. The standard model, Scuderia FS1 (£399) comes with bluetooth connectivity for streaming, whilst the Scuderia FS1 Air (£499) also features AirPlay streaming. Both models support docking of all iOS devices.

For those that want to built their entire music experience around the Ferrari by Logic3, there are also a range of headphones and earplugs to choose from. There are 4 in the Cavallino collection starting from £149 and goes up to £299 for the top model T350, featuring active noise cancellation. In the Scuderia collection you will find 5 models to choose from, starting from £99 and up to £249 for the R300.

Ferrari by Logic3 headphones

From the images there are some great designs to choose from, and if they sound anywhere as nice as a Ferrari engine, i will start saving up my money today. Expected release date for the Ferrari by Logic3 speaker docks and headphones is April time this year, so you have a few months to save up.

[source: pocket-lint]


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