Fanny Wang headphones releases new over-ear DJ headphones

Fanny Wang headphones are establishing themselves in the modern headphone market and their latest addition to their headphone range is the 2001 Over Ear DJ Wang Headphones, as the name hints at these are optimized for DJ’s.

Fanny Wang 2001 DJ Wang headhones

The Fanny Wang 2001 Over Ear DJ Wang headphones delivers 6dB of assisted Bass Boost and are powered by 2 AA batteries. 50mm titanium dual-plated drivers helps bring plenty of power to these headphones as well as what Fanny Wang describes as the cleanest sound production in its class, with plenty of natural bass as well as clear mids and highs.

Fanny Wang CEO Tim Hickman describes the sound from the DJ Wang headphones as; “The sound out of these headphones is incredible. Our design engineer has been working non-stop with our sound engineers to create a product that is both beautiful to look at and awesome to listen to. The powered Bass Boost offers our consumers clear, rich bass without cluttering the middle and upper end of the sound spectrum.”

Like the other Fanny Wang over-ear headphones, these also comes with cable remote control and mic, playing nicely with the iPhone, and duo jack for sharing the tunes with your friends.

Fanny Wang are showing that they mean business in this headphone market, delivering over-ear headphones that look fashionable and that are priced at the lower end compared to many of their direct competitors, with a US retail price expected at around $250 (UK price to be confirmed). For US readers they are available to pre-order now with a release date this summer. We are waiting on confirmation for UK release date.

Having only seen pictures of the 2001 Over Ear DJ Wang headphones i have to admit that they look both rugged and sexy, and hopefully they will be as well built and perform as well as they look in the photos.

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[source/images Fanny Wang]


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