Facetime camera and 3G capability for iPod Touch 4?

With the iPhone 4 and the Apple iPad well established in the market, the online Apple rumour mills are starting to focus their attention on the iPods again, and especially the expected 4th generation iPod Touch expected later this year.

Apple usually holds their annual iPod event around September time and we don’t expect this year to be any different. The year to date has been filled with Apple iPad and iPhone 4 news stories, and the iPod has taken a back seat in the growing range of Apple products in the marketplace.

However the iPod still plays an important role in Apple’s bottom line, and although some of the iPod models might be phased out of their product lifecycle in the coming year or two (read iPod Classic), there is still a market for the iPod.

We have over the last years followed the development and rumours around the iPod Touch very closely, and over the last few months the rumours about the 4th generation iPod Touch have increased, with the focus being around the new iPod Touch receiving a camera.

The release of the new iOS 4, the Apple iPad, and latest the iPhone 4 with improved specifications and design have also raised the question if Apple will be delivering more of the iPhone 4 and Apple iPad specs for the iPod Touch 4?

It would be natural that the iPod Touch 4 would receive at least a significant portion of the improvements, including improved battery life, screen, processor, and the much requested camera.

The iPhone 4 received a 5 megapixel camera as well as the frontfacing camera for facetime video calling. Although some “leaked” information has suggested that the iPod Touch 4 would receive the same specs, TechWatch and 9to5Mac believes that this might be too good to be true, and that it is more likely that Apple will be able to fit in the 3.2 megapixel camera from the iPhone 3GS into the new iPod Touch, but also with the possibility of a front facing camera with facetime support.

It is also expected that the new iPod Touch 4 will receive the improved 802.11N Wi-fi, same as the one currently found in the iPhone 4 and the Apple iPad.

One of the other big questions is if the iPod Touch 4 will come in two different versions, like the Apple iPad, with one being 3G enabled. Apple definitely has the technology and the capability to deliver this for the iPod Touch, but is the willingness there, and will it fit in with Apple’s plans for the iPod Touch?

When the previous 3rd generation iPod Touch was launched last year, Steve Jobs and Apple positioned it as a mobile gaming platform, which now is starting to make more sense given that the Apple iPad, in my view, is a bit too big for a pure mobile gaming device competing with the lakes of Nintendo DS and PSP. If Apple can deliver some of the improvements we have seen across the iPhone 4 and the Apple iPad for the iPod Touch 4 , but keeping the focus towards mobile gaming, they just might be able to deliver a great device that will not cannibalize the iPhone 4 or the Apple iPad sales.

We will continue to keep you up to date with all the latest news and rumours around the iPod Touch 4.


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  1. This info was awesome. If the ipod touch comes out with 3g it will be awesome.

  2. MCF3778 says:

    I would never buy an ipod that has monthly charges

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