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Apple is well know for sticking to a 12 month product upgrade cycle for their iOS devices, with the latest update being the facetime camera iPod Touch 4 released a week ago. However Appleinsider reliable sources suggest that Apple is already in late stages of testing for an upgraded facetime Apple iPad.

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad was launched back in April this year and has like so many other Apple products proven to be a success, but like all first released it has its flaws, with one of them being the lack of camera. With Apple months later releasing facetime to the world with the launch of the iPhone 4, and now bringing facetime to the iPod Touch, we are likely to see the new video chat feature coming to the Apple iPad as well.

Facetime Apple iPad makes sense as Apple is starting to see more competitors entering the slate market, including the recent one from Samsung running Android platform, and featuring camera.

So when are we likely to see the new facetime Apple iPad? It is unlikely to happen before the end of the year, but early 2011 upgrade seems to be on the cards. However the Apple iPad Mini 7 inch that has been rumoured in the last month or so might change that plan, as we see it as unlikely that Apple would launch any new iPad without Facetime integrated.

We will keep our fingers crossed and you up to date on Facetime for Apple iPad right here.


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