The world according to Zuckerberg: The Apple iPad is not a mobile device!

At the Facebook Mobile event yesterday Mark Zuckerberg was asked if there was a Facebook app on the way for the Apple iPad, to which his reply was that the iPad is not mobile. So no it is then, at least for now.

Now without going into a wide semantic discussion of what constitutes a mobile device compared to a handheld device etc. and where in that world the Apple iPad lies, fact is that the Apple iPad and other slate devices running mobile software are becoming an important factor in peoples consumption of online media, and at the moment experiencing Facebook on the Apple iPad is not an optimized experience.

Although you can access the normal Facebook site from the Safari browser on the Apple iPad, you can’t for example use the photo picker to upload photos, something that at the moment is not a massive issue given that the iPad does not have a camera (just a little rant at Apple there). Luckily it looks like the Apple iPad 2 will receive camera, so perhaps Zuckerberg will change his mind then.

Eric Tseng who is Facebook Head of Mobile went on to clarify where Zuckerberg might have just limited the amount of words in his reply that Facebook is still working on the strategy for tablet/slate devices as the different form factor required a different approach. This has led some to believe that their approach might be to build a table optimized version of their site in HTML5.

For now all Apple iPad owners will just have to live with the fact that in the world of Zuckerberg they are not mobile enough!



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