Facebook photosharing app leaked – takes on Path and Instagram

There has been a lot of buzz in the last 24 hours about Facebook plans to launch a new photo sharing app for iOS devices, and now it looks like the world has gotten the first little taste of what seems destined to come from Facebook.

Facebook Photo sharing app (image courtesy Techcrunch)Ever since Apple announced iOS 5 without facebook integration similar to what they did with Twitter, speculations have been going around what Facebook might look to do about it. Based on the information that Techcrunch has been lucky enough to get their hands one, which includes pictures of the app, it looks like we might be in for quite a treat.

They compare the coming Facebook photosharing app with the best elements of Path, Instagram, and Color, all rolled into one built on top of the Facebook social graph. It definitely sounds like it might be another winning app that will help establish Facebook even further as a massive photosharing source, considering that the company already sees 6 billion photo uploads every month and nearly 100 billion photos in total.

It is clear that the people over at Techcrunch is getting very excited about the coming Facebook photosharing app, so it will be interesting to see if it is as good as the buzz want it to be when it gets launched.

We will be back with more information about the Facebook photosharing app as it becomes available. At the moment some names circulating are “Hovertown” and “WithPeople”.

[source and image: Techcrunch]


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