Facebook iPad app to share spotlight at coming Apple media event

It looks like some of the tension between Facebook and Apple has been resolved as latest rumor is that Facebook will be revealing their official Facebook for iPad app during the Apple media event on 4th October, thereby possibly sharing the spotlight with the iPhone 5.

Rumors of imminent Facebook for iPad app release

It is Mashable that is reporting on the potential Facebook iPad app launch, which will likely also include an updated version of the iPhone app, and possibly the much talked about ‘Project Spartan’, their HTML5 mobile app platform/marketplace. There is even talk about the companies working together to get the HTML5 platform ready, giving Facebook a mobile platform and Apple a social platform, which combined will give them a better chance to compete with Google.

It was long believed that Apple would include a deeper integration with Facebook in their coming iOS 5, but the strained relationship between the two resulted in Apple going with Twitter integration instead in the coming firmware update. Should the relationship between the two companies be back on track we will likely see more Facebook integration in future firmware upgrades as well.

Knowing that Facebook has big plans for media content through their Open Graph i wonder how Apple will handle the fact that Facebook will be a source of music, videos etc. One thing that both companies share though is the desire to get consumers to spend more of their time on their respective platforms, and to gain even more information about user behavior to provide more targeted advertising solutions.

[source: Mashable]


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