Facebook 3.1 app coming soon with push notifications

The Facebook app for the iPhone and iPod Touch is one of the most popular apps in the iTunes App Store, and according to a recent tweet by developer Joe Hewitt, the new Facebook app will soon get an upgrade to version 3.1 featuring push notifications as well.

According to the recent tweet we will first get an upgrade that will iron out a few bugs, before later on the Facebook 3.1 app upgrade will bring the much awaited push notification to this popular service, bringing the latets updates from your facebook friends even closer with real time notifications without having the app open.

Now push notifications can  be both a blessing as well as an annoyance, and Apple themselves have some challenges ahead in terms of improving the push notification service. As more apps start to provide push notification services you might find yourself in a situation where you receive several push notifications within a short timeframe, leading the latest one to overwrite the earlier un-read ones, not giving you a chance to see which notifications have been sent that you have not seen. Perhaps there is a need to provide a push notification library that covers at least all un-opened push notifications.

Personally i tend to be careful with allowing too many push notifications, and only use them for apps that allow you to highly customize how you receive notifications. The last thing i want is for a message to pop up anytime any of my Facebook friends decides to change their status message or post something. This is a plead to the developers of the coming Facebook push notification, please make it very customizable! Let me be able to pick what type of messages from which friends i want to receive.

First there will be a bug fix upgrade, which hopefully will fix some of the bugs i have experienced uploading photos.

We will come back with full review of push notifications on Facebook iPhone app once the upgrade has become available at the iTunes App Store.


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