Facebook 3.0 iPhone app upgrade now available – Good and could get better

The Facebook app for iPhone and iPod Touch is one of the most downloaded application at the iTunes App Store, and with the release of the much improved Facebook 3.0 upgrade to the app, they have made many of the improvements that users have been asking for, but we argue that there is still more that can be done.

Facebook 3.0 brings a much improved users interface through the button nagivation overview and cleaner design making the whole experience of browsing and reading updates better. When in the main newsfeed section you can also click on the top right newsfeed button and it brings up a scroll meny that will allow you to change between overall newsfeed and other functions such as status updates, photos, videos, family etc. This is in my opinion a much improved way to navigate through the app compared to the first release of the application.

Facebook 3.0 upgrade much improved user experience

Another good feature of the upgraded Facebook 3.0 app is the ability to add shortcuts to your “favourite” friends or pages, allowing quick access to the information that you access the most. This can be done either at the overview screen or you can do it when viewing a page or a profile using the top right button, which also allows you to send a message or poke the person. We do however think they could have done more with that feature, such as push notifications on selected information related to the favourite feature. Although personally I would not like a generic push notification system as some friends are updating their facebook profile way to often, and I would hate to have my iPhone pushing notifications left, right, and center all the time.

To my delight the new facebook 3.0 also brings landscape view and editing, so for those of us with clunky fingers writing updates or comments is now much easier!

One of the features that many people have asked for and that is popular on the facebook page itself, is the ability to “ilike” a comment, picture etc. This is now made possible with the new facebook 3.0 app. And it is easier to view and read comments other people have made and add your own comments to them as well.

The new facebook 3.0 app also integrates with call and sms options for those of your friends that are sharing that information on their profile. This is simply a quick link to using the normal call and sms function of your iPhone and not an integrated solution delivered by Facebook, so it will take you out of the application.

Creating new photo albums is also easier on the new Facebook 3.0 interface, using the + sign at the top when in photo tab. This makes it easier then before to upload a set of photos into the same folder that you can name yourself. What I would like to see next though is integration perhaps with other photo services, and the ability to share your photo albums with friends who are not on facebook as well, by sending them an email invite to view photos, much like many other photo service websites does. This would especially be useful for the many that has not made all their facebook information public. Push notifications would also be very useful to receive when someone tags you in a photo, giving you a chance to check if you are happy about this photo being shared on facebook, and if not the ability to notify your friend that you would like to have that picture removed.

Overall the first impression of the new upgraded facebook 3.0 app is a positive one, and our understanding is that they are already working on the next one that will deliver push notifications as well, hopefully with a lot of customization possibilities.


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  1. Hi there, where can I download the Facebook 3.0 version? I have tried in my iTunes store but have had no luck at all.

    Many thanks,

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