2012: 82 million iPhones – unless they explode

RBC Capital Markets has released an extensive research report into the growing mobile market, predicting that Apple will sell +82 million iPhones in 2012, and that is not by 2012 but in that year alone to snag 5.7 percent share of the total mobile phone market – that is unless it explodes as the EU probes into reports of exploding iPhones and iPods.

As they predict a “new world order” led by the revolution of the smartphones they see Apple leading the “media-centric” segment of the market with their iPhone. Given that Apple has sold 100 million + iPods and has over 300 million iTunes users, there is a customer loyalty there for Apple to take advantage of and increasing the marketshare of their iPhone.

For those of you that might be interested in investing in Apple, RBC Capital Markets has raised their target share price for Apple from $190 to $250 based on their analysis of the future of the future of the mobile phone market.

But just to bring perhaps some “reality” into the story, the EU is currently probing into reports of exploding iPhones and iPods following recent stories about incidents across Europe, including the UK, France, Holland, and Sweden. In the UK the iPod Touch belonging to an 11 year old girl in Liverpool got so hot that her father had to throw it out in the backyard where it actually exploded, sending the iPod Touch 10ft up in the air. The story became famous worldwide after Apple refused to pay compensation unless the family signed a gagging order, promising not to tell about the exploding iPod Touch.

On the basis of these reports the EU commission has asked Apple to share any information they have regarding iPhones or iPods overheating and exploding. According to the report Apple sees these as isolated incidents that does not reflect a general problem for the iPhone or the iPod Touch.

So unless there are more explosions, we could instead see an explosion in iPhone sales in the coming years, including an explosion in earnings for Apple.


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