Expected application storm for iPhone and iPod Touch

Ever since Apple opened up for third party applications to be made available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch there has been a huge increase in interest from software developers. This interest will only increase with the expected sales forecasts for the new 3G iPhone making the platform significantly more widespread worldwide.

Apparently around 250,000 software development kits have been downloaded so far, so when the new Apple Application Store opens we can expect a large selection of applications being available for purchase and direct downloading to your iPhone or iPod Touch. The new Application Store that will work similarly to iTunes is expected to be live around the same time as the new 3G iPhone hits the market July 11th.

It will be interesting to see what range of applications will be developed as this is something that potentially can make the iPhone even more revolutionary, turning a decent 3G phone into a mobile data platform that can potentially change the mobile industry. Only time will tell, but it is clear that a lot of businesses are turning their attention towards Apple to see where there are potential for making lots of money of the iPhone and the iPod Touch.


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