Europe says yes to the iPhone with 40 percent of votes

I’m sure this will be music to Apple’s ears as a recent survey shows that 40 percent of Europeans looking to get a smartphone wants the Apple iPhone, which should give Apple a boost in market share should all of them go through with their purchase intention.

The study by the Yankee Group, surveying 5,000 consumers and 2,250 IT professionals in Europe is yet to be released, but some of the findings have been leaked already, including the news that 40 percent of those asked wanted to get an iPhone. With 40 percent the iPhone was more than double as popular as Android smartphones, which with 19 percent just beat out the Blackberry (17 percent). Former market leader Nokia will surely be disappointed with a fourth place finish at 15 percent.

According to the latest IDC report on Western Europan smartphone marketshare, Apple iPhone has 20.8 percent of the current market, so there is room to grow up towards 40 percent as in the survey.

Without having all the details around the survey one should always take the results with a pinch of salt, but it does provide yet another indication of the incredible brand strenght of Apple and their iPhone, even here in Europe. It is also particularly interesting to see this happening across IT professionals as well, an area often seen as one of the strongholds for the more open Android platform.

Seeing the mainstream popularity of Apple and their iPhone does however raise an interesting question; How does the mainstream appeal of the iPhone impact on the interest amongst the traditional ‘Apple Fans’? There is always the danger as a product becomes too mainstream and popular, that the early adopters will move on to the next.

I would love to hear the view of some of you early Apple iPhone adopters out there. Has the iPhone become too mainstream?

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[source: MacWorld]


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