Epoz Aktimate Maxi review – all about sound

Epoz aktimate speaker dock

Disguised as a speaker set this clever iPod speaker dock from Epoz delivers where it matters; on the sound. Meet the Epoz Aktimate Maxi.

Epoz aktimate speaker dock

Design and features

The concept of the Aktimate Maxi is a complete audio system disguised as a set of two speakers, making the unit versatile enough to fit into most stylings, settings, and interior designs as the two speakers are far from being on the ugly side.

Although these speakers will fit easily into most bookshelves etc (height is measured at 32cm tall) you do get the best experience by having them mounted on legs, not unlike with the Geneva Model speakers. You do get that high quality feeling with both the looks and the finish of these Aktimate Maxi speakers that go well with the sound experience they bring.

As mentioned the Epoz Aktimate Maxi consists of one active and one passive speaker unit, with the active one being connected to the power outlet and hosting the docking station, seated at the top of the speaker, and also featuring the volume control and a small display at the front, that can sometimes be a bit difficult to read. At the back you will find two RCA audio inputs combined with one output, 3.5mm line input, and a USB connection.

Besides the sometimes hard to read display, the other negative side we found was the remote control, which we found small and sometimes non-responsive.

The active speaker unit also host the internet and FM radio tuners, allowing you to actually stream music from your PC directly to the Aktimate Maxi speakers, a big plus in my book in terms of modern sound systems. Connecting to internet radio is also very straightforward.

Epoz Aktimate Maxi speakers feature integrated 2×60 watt (4 Ohm) amplifier that is Class AB resulting in a slightly heavier and less efficient output, but known for delivering better sound. Each unit houses a 6.5-inch mid-tone bass and a smaller tweeter.

Sound experience

With the Epoz Aktimate Maxi being a system in the higher price range we did expect a good quality sound, but was perhaps slightly surprised how well it actually sounded.

The sound is quite rich and full for the size of the speakers, with perhaps a slight over-emphasis on bass, but then again that is in many peoples taste, including mine. The speakers handle higher volumes really well so don’t be afraid to crank up the volume while using the Aktimate Maxi speakers.

For the best sound experience you are better off placing the Aktimate Maxi speakers on a stand and slightly off the wall for a better overall sound.

Price information

You can buy the Epoz Aktimate Maxi from amongst other the following UK retailers:


Overall view of Epoz Aktimate Maxi

The Epoz Aktimate Maxi is well worth considering for your home sound system due to its versatility, features, and most importantly, the impressive sound you get for the price.

It is not the cheapest unit in the market, but compared to some other system in the same price range you do get good value for money.

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