Eco friendly iPod accessories and gifts

Eco-nique is one of the suppliers of ipod accessories that have now started taking on an eco friendly and climate positive approach to its business. The company now claims that all their mp3 and ipod accessories are produced without a carbon footprint.

We here at iPodRepublic.com think this is a great initiative and will endorse their range of products where possible, and ecourage our customers as well to think eco friendly when buying their ipod accessories. We all need to join the eco friendly iPod revolution, which is what we here at iPod Republic is about.

Eco-nique range of ipod accessories is now available in our ipod store through Amazon.co.uk. The range currently covers products such as:

  • Napa leather case for ipod touch
  • Napa leather case for ipod classic
  • Napa leather case for ipod nano 3g
  • iPhone leather case
  • Classic flip case
  • Solar power chargers

If you are looking to buy a new iPod then you can check our best price iPod table here, and perhaps save enough money to buy some additional eco friendly iPod accessories.


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5 Responses to "Eco friendly iPod accessories and gifts"

  1. Nico says:

    I found your blog via Google while searching for classic market overview and your post regarding endly iPod accessories and gifts | iPod accessories | iPod Republic looks very interesting to me. Just wanted to drop a note to let you know what a great site you have. It is a great resource and a great place to drop by.

  2. lyssie says:

    The best Ipod accessory i found is ReCover. They make Ipod cases that are 100% recyclable. Its a great gift idea for men or women. Its stylish and comes in black, white, silver and brown. ReCover also donates to environmental groups. They’re available at Best Buy, be sure to check it out.

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