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When the new Apple application store opens its virtual doors on Friday the 11th of July it probably won’t overshadow the launch of the 3G iPhone, but its long term significance might be bigger.

One of the applications that will be available to download for free at the launch of the Application Store is Zapptek’s Legends ebook application for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The Legends ebook service will allow you to read digital books on your iPhone and iPod Touch, similar to the Amazon Kindle ebook, allthough it won’t be a direct competitor.

Allthough the Legends ebook application is free you still have to pay for the ebooks with prices around $5 (£2.50) for novels.

Until we have had a chance to test this application and the reading experience we remain on the fence on this one. Given the size of the iPhone and the iPod Touch reading experience remains an unknown.


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  1. elorra says:

    You can read ebooks on the ipod touch now, for free with readdle.com. What is the point of having a store where you have to pay for ebooks and then be able to read them? You can get an ebook from wherever NOW and use readdle to view it on your ipod.

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